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    Making a Imperial Guard Army £150 to spend plz help

    hi i am new to imperial guard and i am making a army i have £150 to spend can anybody help thanks

    P.S. i am getting a leman russ today, i am not getting the army today getting it for my birthday...

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    I made a post a while ago about squeezing the most for your money but it does matter what your goals are with your force:

    So... what are your goals?
    Do you just want the most points for your money, or do you have a specific points threshold in mind?
    Do you want a base for a competitive army you can add to later?
    Do you have paints or will you need hobby supplies too? (If so do you want speed and cheapness or top quality gear?)

    Do you want a mechanised force or an infantry army?
    Are there any units or characters you really like?
    Is the Leman Russ separate from the £150?

    Oh and do you have/have access to a codex?
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    Ebay is your friend. There's some good deals on there if you're patient enough to look. However, what you buy is very dependent on your play style. Do you want to use aggressive mechanized tactics to crowd out your opponent (my preferred method)? Do you want to use "leafblower" style artillery/gunline list? Your purchases will vary widely depending. Nevertheless, I can give you some advice on what to buy.

    First, obviously you're going to need the codex and rulebook. I like to check Ebay for the rulebook from the Black Reach set, its a lot more compact, cheaper, and easier to look things up in. Next, buy your codex. Yes, buy it. Don't download it, you'll need an actual physical copy with you if you're going to play any games away from your own home, which I'm going to assume is all of them.

    Next, consider getting a Battleforce. Though the Sentinel is of dubious use all by itself, you do get a good base of troops and a command squad, which you'll need. Even if you're not going to use the heavy weapons teams or the sentinel, the box can still be worth it since they are great for kitbashing purposes.

    Next, I'd recommend getting some Chimeras. Chimeras are the heart and soul of any mechanized list, and still serve a vital purpose in leafblower lists. Your guardsmen are very squishy and fragile, and putting them in tin cans will greatly increase their chances. They're also cheap in points, boast some impressive firepower, and the highest number of fireports outside of open-topped vehicles. For comparison, a Veteran squad armed with 3 meltas and in a chimera costs roughly the same number of points as a BASIC, unupgraded, 10 man tactical marine squad. For the same cost, those vets offer more firepower at the same BS (4) and great durability thanks to their ride. Granted, once they're out of their ride, they tend to die if someone sneezes on them, but there's plenty more where they came from. The favored loadout for Chimeras is a multilaser (STR 6, perfect for wounding all those T4 models on a 2+ with, and maybe popping some AV10 while you're at it) and a heavy flamer (big mob of ork boyz in your face? Not anymore). Most people put Command Squads, Veteran Squads, or Stormtroopers in them for the multitude of special weapons these units can boast. They are usually armed with meltas (anti-armor, and good for killing tough units too), plasma (expensive and risky, but nothing shreds Terminators better), or flamers + Demolitions for the veterans (can fry large mobs, and the demo charge surprise can be fun. They also boast melta bombs for the vehicles).

    Next, if you're getting a Russ, I assume you're going to go more for mechanized armor tactics rather than artillery. Here's the thing about Leman Russes: do NOT be tempted to use them as static artillery pieces. That's what Basilisks, Manticores, and Hydras are for. Leman Russes are, well, armor. They don't have quite the same punch as artillery, but make up for it with durability and mobility. This makes them great AV 14 bricks to drop in your opponents way, block line of sight, hold chokepoints, and generally make nuisances of themselves. To stay mobile, leave off the sponsons. In the assault-heavy world of 5th ed, moving 1" versus standing still increases survivability by 50%. Take advantage of that Lumbering Behemoth rule! Protect your Chimeras! Blow up Marines! Which brings me to my next point: Russ loadouts. Though its tempting to look at the codex and get wowed by all the shiny toys the Russes can play with, in this case, simple is often better. Things like the Vanquisher anti-armor tank, Punisher gatling tank, and autocannon tank may look cool, but remember they're BS 3. So in order to really make them work, you'd have to take the very expensive and not really worth it Pask upgrade. Instead, take a look at the plain old vanilla Leman Russ Battle Tank. Let's break it down, shall we? STR 8, hey, that's the magic number to double Toughness 4! So all those nasty Blood Angels units with Feel No Pain? Not so scary anymore. Next, AP 3! What do you know, that's a Marine save! And a Large Blast template, with Ordinance to boot! Yup, this thing is a Marine-killer. And since most of what you'll be fighting is Marines or the equivalent, you will learn to love the Battle Cannon. Though it can do okay against light armor (<AV12), against Marine equivalents is where this thing really shines. Put a lascannon on the front, it gives you some additional anti light armor power and compliments the long range well. The Demolisher tank is all of the previous, though shorter ranged and designed to kill Terminators. A heavy flamer works better here, this thing's going to be getting up close and personal, so the flamer works best.

    These three units, Guardsmen, Chimeras, and Leman Russ tanks, form the heart and soul of the Guard army. After that, take a look through your codex and find some other things to fill out your army. Hellhounds are gods of burny death, Vendetta gunships are just plain awesome, Psykers can add some interesting tactics, and Manticores can put out more pie than anything else. Good luck!
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