Welcome, my friend who is to lazy to post here, wants to remake his standard space marine army into Raven Guard. He really likes Scours, and plans to buy a lot of them, as well as make them the core of his army. As for now he has:

1 HQ commander converted to be Shadow Hunter Shriek

5 Sternguard Veterans

5 Assault Marines

a Bunch of Marines, 1 with a Lasscannon, 1 with a Plasma cannon, 1 with a Rocket Launcher, 1 with a Plasma Gun, 2 with Flamers, 1 with a Melta, the rest with normal bolters.

Dreadnaught with Heavy flamer arm

5 Terminators, 1 of them has a Cyclone Missle Launcher

We are both total noobs, we have 0 practical knowledge, and not much bigger theoretical. We are trying to learn from all possible sources for now.
We came up with a plan for his Raven Guard, and at all costs we tried to keep their feel.
Ravens rely on Assault marines, scouts, deepstrike and infiltrating and they dont have much tanks and other heavy stuff.

And thats gonna be our first army list (numbers/propotions of men per squad will depend of the point size of the game):

Our Core:


Because of his infiltration for his squad, fleet and rending claws. Also bcoz of his Awesomeness.


3-6 scout squads, all with sniper rifles and camo cloaks, sergeants with meltabombs. Sometimes maybe 1 bazooka per squad for tank popping or some blast fun.

We wanna have as much troops as possible, the more squads the more flexible shooting and movement we will have. With major luck, we can pin down 6 enemy squads with 6 scout squads. Also, they can swarm all over the map where they want with infiltrate and scout rules, going for cover, objectives or other good spots on the map.

Fast Attack:

Scout Bikers, 3 with grenade launchers, sergeant with combi flamer, melta bombs and a beacon.

MORE SCOUTS! As big Squad as possible, bcoz theyre going on the front line for some first blood, and theyre cheaper then other bikers in the game. Their mission is to bite up something important to the enemy, and thanks to infiltration and scouting rules, they might position themselves on the start way better for that purpose. Either ramming into the enemy, or outcircling them to bite something on the back, when theyre where we want em, they will come some support with beacon, which will be described later. Also their mines can be handy, and most of all, scouts+bikes= double fun

Assault Space Marines, maybe with flamers sometimes, sergeant ravenguard style, either with 2 Lightning claws or 1 claw and 1 power fist, and a melta bomb.

Always starting with Shriek which will give them infiltrate rule, which will be VERY handy for them. Infiltrate + jump into something very important. Otherwise, will act as the first meatshield for scouts sake which will go on something dangerous. If the enemy army will be heavy tanky, we plan to split the ASM with Shiek after jumping, so ASM can pop 1 tank with their melta bombs or melee, and shriek another one with his rending later on.

Heavy Support:

Devastator squad with several mixed weapons, or with blast weapons like Plasma Cannons and/or Rocket Launchers, + rhino with a storm bolter and a missle. Sergeant with a Storm bolter and a chainsword. MAYBE with a power weapon, however we fear to spend points for shooty sergeants (thats why scout sergeants are only equipped with melta bombs)

Devastators need the rhino to keep up with this infiltrating majority, and help those weak soldiers with some major firepower. The rhino will have the missle for some "assassination" lucky shot, and a bolter to provide a little support or safety for nearby units and devastators. Sometimes it will be used as a shield for devastators, and in very rare cases, some tank shock fun straight into the mined sector, for double fun.

Thats all for our core, which we would prefer to always have in every game.

Preffered Support:

Heavy Support:

Thunderfire Cannon

Altough not much Raven Guardish, especially the 3rd type of ammo couldve produce some major problems for the enemy. Also, it is VERY CHEAP (25 points+75 points Techmarine), so why not. We plan to keep it close to devastators, so the techmarine will have an eye for them. Also, always we will try to place them between the devastators and the strongest scout unit, again for protections sake.

Techmarine (from the Cannon)

Now thats gonna be tricky, if we think right. The Techmarine can upgrade one ruin building before the fight, that means... Scouts with cloaks inside that kind of ruin will have a 2+ cover save! Terminator armour cover xd.
Also the Techmarine will keep an eye on the devastators with his pretty ok weapons.

Devastators and the Cannon in the same place will force the enemy to make a hard decision, which he should try to take out. The decision will be hard, because we count that some of his major units will be pinned down thanks to our scouts, so he wont have much options left.
Even if attacked, both of them will try to help each other, as well as 1 squad of scouts should be also around.

Fast attack:

Land speeders with heavy bolters

They will keep an eye on the rushing ASM and Biker squads, will try to cripple something which can be a threat to those. We fear to give them assault cannons, because then the speeders wont be cheap (and we prefer cheap solutions), and could be a higher priority target then. Speeders are very very fragile also, and they might not even use those cannons when they find out themselves dead.
However, if we should take the assault cannons, then we would deep strike them later along with other deepstrikers listed below, when tank killers are either dead or crippled.


Terminators with a Cyclone Missle

Termies will be spawned asap by the scouts nearest to devastators + maybe the Cannon, and will act as their bodyguards mostly, and some more ranged firepower in that area.

Questionable Support:

From now on, we arent sure if the units listed below will be of any use in this matchup, we considered them because of deepstrike, which is Raven Guards domain.


Dreadnaught with heavy flamer (for now)

Not much idea how to use him well, however he and his Raven Guardish drop pod will be fun, also he alrdy bought him, so we should find a way to use him well.

Sternguard veterans, maybe with some heavy stuff

Again not much ideas how to use them, again we would like them in a pod, so the bikers will have anything to summon behind the lines to keep up the raven guard style
Models are bought and painted, my mate loves them, however again, we are totally clueless.

Fast Attack

Assault Space Marines

Maybe one more could be of use for something... maybe.

Well, thats all stuff we considered. My Mate wants to have a Shooty army, and dislike Choppy armies, thats why although he is a Raven Guard, he has only 1 ASM, and plans to have hordes of scouts. Most of all, he doesnt want to have a typical army like most SM players around have.

Any type of tips and criticisms welcome, because i dont want my mate to lose that much cash on some crap. Sorry for the wall of text.