I am new to Warhammer 40k but through a lot of really great deals i have procured a massive army and would like to make my first formal list of Ultramarines. I will list what I have and would like if the community maybe helped me put together some balanced all-comer lists at various point sizes 750, 1000, etc.Here's what I got:
Chapter Master
Terminator Chaplain
Tactical squad x3 (flamer and missile launcher)
Scout squad w snipers ( 5 man)
2 rhinos
about 15 shooty termies with storm bolters 2 with assault cannon
7 assault termies 2 SSTH and 5 LC
6 dreadnoughts x3 plasma cannon x2 TLL and a MM all with ccw
10 man assault squad
2 land speeders MM and HB
Bikes x5 2 w Plasma gun
Devastator squad( have several weapon setups)
and to top it off a vindicator

Appreciate any lists posted thanks