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    drop pod question

    I don't really know the rules for drop pods as I can't run drop pods. So I need to ask. If you have 3 drop pods how many can you drop on the 1st turn?

    I played a game where I got the 1st turn and set up with that in mind. However he seized the initiative and ended up going 1st. He dropped two pods with lots of metaguns in it, just about on top of my guys and put a large hole in my line that I wasn't able to recover from. I just want to know if he could of done this. To me, drop pods are the hardest thing to over come in a space marine army. I find them vary unfair, not that I wouldn't use them if I could. I just have no real way to fight against armies that use them and I need any edge I can get.

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    When I first started 40k, and my opponents were running drop pods, I thought the same thing. They can do what? For how much?!? On turn one?!?

    Then I figured out that drop pods hinder your opponent much more then they help.

    First, ask your opponent about their list. Find out if they have Pods.

    While a drop pod landing can seriously mess you up if caught unprepared, to me, Drop Pods are like Santa Clause flying overhead dropping a neatly organized pack of Space Marines, and a free Killpoint when I get around to it.

    Bubble wrap important vehicles, keep units near the edges. Their inertial guidance isn't foolproof, read up on the rules ,and you'll see how deploying near the board edge makes it risky to them.

    Once I figured out how to prepare for a drop pod army, they became a non issue. They could go first, I could go first, they could seize initiative. Doesn't matter.

    Drop pod armies are limited in their tactics, they're one trick ponies. Turtle up, protect anything valuable near the edge (or near terrain), and force your opponent to land right between all your guns.

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    Yes, he can do that, you can drop 2 on the first turn and you must drop up to half of your drop pods in the first turn (rounding up). Drop pods are hard to deal with and can be very annoying to get rid of, the tactic generaly used by drop pods is to create a defensive wall to block off part of an army, or block their guys from getting shot. You've just got to try and take advantage of terrain, drop pods aren't effected by terrain or models but there still prone to the end of the world (or board). Has he got any other models in this army or is everything in drop pods? Also what have you got in your army?

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