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Thread: Inquisitors!

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    LO Zealot cKerensky's Avatar
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    Completely strange, starting 2 threads in one week.

    What do you guys think of these units?

    They've almost got a marine statline, 3 wounds, I4 (for some odd reason), and for but a pittance in points bare. Their statline is good enough that, if I have around enough points left, I'll take an inquisitor over another PAGK.

    On top of all that, you can customize them to no end. Yeah, they can take warbands, but generally, I use Inquisitors to fill up any small gaps in my army. As an example, for a support Inquisitor, I would do something like...

    Ordo Xeno Inquisitor Kailen

    ...Conversion Beamer
    ...Needle Pistol
    ...Power Armour

    89 points

    Sometimes, I want to drop a psycannon behind enemy lines on turn 1 with Modraik...

    Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Thorandir

    ...Terminator Armour and DaemonHammer.
    ...Psycannon (Or Combi-Melta)

    80 points

    And sometimes I want something good in CC and cheap to sit back with my servitors...

    Ordo Maellus Inquisitor Briden Vaaul

    ...Hell Rifle

    55 points


    Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Sierra

    ...Scythian Venom talon
    ...Scythian Venom talon
    ...Psycotroke Grenades (though sometimes she forgets these )

    70 points

    For those running non pure GK armies, what do you think about the Inquisitor? How do you load them out? Do you sometimes take them plain just for the bargain addition of 3 wounds?

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    I am a free man! number6's Avatar
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    Inquisitors are grand. One of my favorite things about them is cheap servo skulls. Don't take an Inquisitor without servo skulls! Like, EVER.

    I use the OM psycannon Inquisitor because I wanted a second psycannon in my footslogging Terminator unit. I have the option to deep strike him with the termies, or on his own.... Love him.

    I haven't put much thought into any other Inquisitor build because I just don't have a need for anything else.
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    I've not yet got the stuff for a GK army bigger than about 1000-500 points so I've been working with:
    Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Fremden Feindlich
    Power Sword
    Rad Grenades
    Psychotroke Grenades

    Runs with my Terminators as a bodyguard (for fluff reasons and it's worked fairly well so far )

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    Senior Member NekhraRises's Avatar
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    I'm going to be running this guy in an upcoming game:

    OM Inquisitor
    Psyker Lvl 1
    Terminator Armor

    110 points

    Quick question though, does making him a psyker first then equipping him with termi armor allow him to have a daemon hammer?

    I also run:

    Librarian, Halberd, 3 powers


    10 Terminators
    - 2 Falchion
    - 2 Daemon Hammer
    - 2 Psycannon/Sword
    - 4 Halberd

    combat squadded to:

    OM Inquisitor
    5 Terminators
    - 2 Psycannon/Sword
    - 2 Halberd
    - 1 Daemon hammer

    Footslogging with 3 relentless psycannons, can still use hammerhand and activate force weapons if needed thanks to psychic OM Inq


    Librarian (Usually w Sanctuary, Shrouding and Warp Rift)
    5 Terminators
    - 2 Falchinos
    - 2 Halberds
    - 1 Daemon Hammer

    In a Landraider Redeemer.

    The rest of the army is 6 man GKSS's w psycannons and 1 hammer each with a psybolt razorback, and 2 Psyflemen dreads.

    I'm tempted to take the grenade inquisitor in combat units... the grenades are sooo cool...

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