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    Making Valeria Work

    So, with the new codex, dusting off my old 40k models, I've basically decided the lore for my army (heavily centered around the ordo xenos).
    Now the one named inquisitor that ordo gets is Valeria, and I'd quite like to play her - but she sort of feels odd, being relatively expensive, with most her tricks being single use - any ideas on how to run her, and what to give her for henchmen?

    My first thought was to run her with a tank killing/close combat retinue, along the lines of

    6 Crusaders
    2 Monkeys
    3 Warriors with meltas
    (Warriors and monkeys, and potentially Valeria fire from the chimera / Valeria and Crusaders fight up close)

    That means the whole unit costs almost 400 points though, and I'm not sure they'll be able to get that back in.

    On that note, are He-Laser rifles worth a look? Their strength is crap, but rapid fire and piercing space marine armor for five points a piece smells rather tasty.

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    Hot-Shot lasguns are fantastic. What cripples them somewhat in a GK list is the low BS of the unit they'll be on. In an IG army, they're on an awesome unit (BS4, Carapace armour standard, hot-shot laspistol). To make 'em work in an inquisitor list, you need lots of them. I've pointed out an inquisitor list consisting of 3 melta guns, 5 Storm Bolters, and 4 Hot-Shots.

    Any less than 4, and it won't work. But yes, through trials and tribulations, from an IG perspective, hot-shot lasguns are worth their weight in gold. AP3 is nasty. Marines will hate you.

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