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    How to defeat Space Wolfes (with Ultramarines)

    I'm playing an Ultramarines army and I don't know how to win with our store Space Wolves powergamer. At our store we usually play at about 1500pts.
    Could you give me some advices about army lists/tactics/units that works against them???

    his favourite units:
    -2x wolf guard battle leader (thunderwolf mount and some upgreats)
    -2+ grey hunters in rhinos
    -big unit of Fenrisian wolves to protect wolf guard battle leaders
    - 1-2 units of Long Fangs (4 MS)
    -don't remember rest

    My entire army:
    +2x Librarians (terminator Storm Shield/power armour)
    +2x Chaplains (terminator armour combi plasma/jump pack)
    +2x full Tactical squads (options:1 flamer, 2 meltaguns, 1 powerfist, 1 power weapon)
    +2x Scout squads (a. 4combat blades,1 power fist combi and melta ;b. 4 sniper rifles 1MS)
    +2x Rhinos
    +2x drop pods
    +terminator squad (3 TH/SS 2 LC)
    +dreadnought (m-m, hf)
    +ironclad dred (all options avalible)
    + full assualt squad (power fist, 2 flamers)
    +land speeder (m-m,optional typhoon)
    +land speeder storm (HF)
    +2x attack bikes (M-M)
    +devastator squad (1 ms, 2 pc, 2 lc, 1 hb)
    +thunderfire cannon
    +land raider reedemer (multi-melta)
    +predator (all options)
    +2x vindicators

    Thanks for advices

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    Your army contains several things than can easily deal with the more annoying tactics that can be used by space wolves. The thing to remember is that while space wolves are better at close combat than your own marines simply though the extra attacks they have they aren't any better at shooting so your key victories will likely revolve around the shooting phase but don't ignore combat entirely. Here are some of the things i've found help me to deal with the drunken vikings in power armour.

    Now a good way I've found to deal with those annoying fenrisian wolves is to take a land raider redeemer and scorch the living hell out of them before turning your focus one the marines. It's also good at dealing with those annoying long fangs in cover so a good option is to move full out first turn to get close before popping smoke and hopefully weathering the heavy firepower directed at you. to help it survive why nto take a couple of vindicators - those pie cannons will quickly thin out numbers and draw just as much attention as the land raider

    That combination however is quite pricey so if you want a cheap anti horde option you can't really beat a drop pod with 10 man tac squad inside with flamer and combi flamer - don't give it any other upgrades - keep it cheap and land right in the middle and take out as many of the wolves with flamers and bolter fire as possible - you'll probably wipe out the unit and have the bonus of a drop pod obstructing some of his units fire arcs (long fangs if possible) and a full squad of marine in the middle of his lines - they will likely die, don't kid yourself on this but they will screw up his on plan and force him to react to you. And on occasion i've had this "suicide" squad survive all the way to the end and more than make their points back.

    a combo of destructor pattern predator with heavy bolters and storm bolter, whirlwind and vindicator give you a solid armoured line to launch a solid strike from with the whirl wind easily capable for handeling the wolfs while the vindicator deals with power armoured vikings and the predator can put so many shots int anything that it weakens it or can even finish off crippled units. when you use this combo though it's generally a good idea to drop pod in an iron clad dreadnought to the middle of the enemy's line to split their focus, give them heavy armour all over the place to deal with and something that requires more immediate attention than the long range armour. a good combo to use is an iron clad with hurricane bolter, heavy flamer and chainfist. the chainfist means it'll carve up his vehicles and walkers if he doesn't take it out and the hurricane bolter and heavy flamer make it great at close range for wiping out those wolves or putting the hurt on a big squad of marines with simple wight of fire.

    A basic balanced list for you to go with considering what you have available i think would be

    2 tac squads in rhino's with plasma on one and flamer on the other.
    Ironclad in drop pod (drop first with hurricane and chainfist, heavy flamer combo)
    Dread in drop pod (try to get close to one the battle leaders on thunder wolf - the multi melta will instant kill them unless they have saga of the bear if they fail their invul save and your likely to wound)
    Predator - heavy bolters, storm bolter
    Whirlwind (optional but still useful and cheap)
    Vindicator - aim for marine squads not vehicles.
    full assault squad - go for the long fangs - don't combat squad - might be worth deepstriking them
    land speeder storm with 5 scouts - power fist and 4 CC scouts - go for the long fangs. FAST!
    small scout squad - snipers and Missile launcher - to add home unit to hold objective and take out his rhinos with the missile

    doing this off top of my head but think that comes in at under 1500 so you can tailor it a bit to work better for your own needs.

    a side note but that army and the same tactics will work well against most lids not just space wolves. an army list designed to deal with only one person will be less enjoyable and likely to fail against another

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