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    Conclave Hunter Force (Apocalypse Formation)

    Thought I would post this one. It was a formation I created and quite fun to use as well.

    Conclave Hunter Force 300pts + Models

    It is only in the most dire of circumstances or the most important of campaigns that a Grey Knight Grand Master will take to the field. One such occasion is when one of the Conclave Diabolus, the 101 most powerful greater daemons in existence, have appeared. It is then that the council of Grand Master's task one of their own to its destruction.
    When the Grand Master does take to the field he is accompanied by the Chapter's greatest warriors in the form of the Paladins often accompanied by the might of the chapters Dreadknights.
    Few daemons can stand against such a force but those of the Conclave Diabolus are fell and mighty indeed and will not be defeated without great cost.

    It is not unknown for such a daemon to take a host and if so the Hunter Force will attempt to destroy that host before the daemon can manifest however in the cases where they are too late then these veteran Grey Knights stand ready to crush the daemon with every weapon at their disposal.


    1 Grey Knight Grand Master (This may be Grand Master Mordrak or Supreme Grand Master Kaldor Draigo)
    3+ Paladin Squads
    0-3 Dreadknights

    Strike Force

    The squad containing the Grand Master will deploy on the table as normal at the beginning of the game. All other squads in the formation will automatically deepstrike within 12” of the Grand Master's squad without scattering.
    If deploying as reserves then the formation will deep strike if able to do so, if not then they will appear from any table edge with the units in the formation appearing within 12” of the point the Grand Master appeared.

    Grand Holocaust

    If a Paladin Squad uses the Holocaust psychic power then any Paladin squad in the formation within 12” may forgo their psychic and shooting attacks to boost the power of the Holocaust providing they have 3 or more models. Each boosting unit must take a psychic test as normal to do this but if sucessful instead of using the large blast template as normal resolve the attack with the 10” apocalyptic blast template. For every squad that choses to boost the attack add +1 to the strength (to a maximum of 10.) and +1 to the AP (to a maximum of AP1.) of the attack.

    Conclave Diabolus

    The enemy player may choose to manifest the greater daemon model on the board at the beginning of the game or may opt to do the following.
    Chose one enemy independent character or squad leader model (But not a special character or model with the daemon rule). That model is now the host. The host model acts as normal including any special rules it might have but also has the Eternal Warrior special rule and a 4+ invulnerable save, unless it already has a better invulnerable save.

    The controlling enemy player may choose when to manifest the daemon at the start of any player turn unless the host comes within 12” of a Grey Knight in the formation in which case it automatically manifests at the end of that move phase. Replace the host with a suitable greater daemon model.
    From that point onwards the greater daemon follows all the rules for greater daemons from either Codex Chaos Daemons or may instead use one of the special character greater daemons from Codex Chaos Daemons or Imperial Armour books.
    Providing the daemon is not a special character then the Greater Daemon gets +1 to all of its stats, except its armour and/or invulnerable save which stays as normal for the model, up to a maximum of 10 for the remainder of the game.

    If the host is killed before it can manifest then the daemon is counted as being destroyed.

    Their Purpose is their Own

    If the task force succeed in destroying the daemon then the Grey Knight players side may count as having claimed one more objective than it did. However once the greater daemon is destroyed should their not be any chaos daemons or chaos spacemarines on the board then the formation is removed.

    Let me know what you think.


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