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    Army List/Tactical Advice Against Wolves

    Ok, here's my 2K pts list, that done pretty well. I have a 2.5k game against Space Wolves on Wed 'Ard Boyz style. I was hoping for some help expanding to 2500 pts & tactical advice.

    I know he likes to run armour & Thunderwolves & maybe Long Fangs but that's about it.

    HQ – 175 pts
    Master of the Fleet Commander Caius (Pedro Kantor) 175 pts

    Elites – 580 pts
    Brother Flavius – dreadnought, rifleman pattern TL autocannon 125 pts

    Sternguard Squad Vinicius – 5 sternguard, 2 combi-melta 175 pts
    Razorback TL Heavy Bolter, storm bolter

    Terminator Assault Squad Herius – 7 Terminators, 2 Lightning claws, 5 thunder hammer/storm shields 280 pts

    Troops – 775 pts
    Tactical Squad Aulus– 10 marines, flamer, missile launcher, combi-flamer 215 pts

    Tactical Squad Claudius – 10 marines, flamer, missile launcher, combi-flamer 215 pts

    Tactical Squad Magnus – 10 marines, melta, multi-melta, combi-melta, power fist 245pts

    Scout Squad Valerius – 5 scouts, shotguns, sgt w/ bolt pistol & power fist, melta-bombs

    Fast Attack - 120pts
    Fast Mover 1 – Landspeeder Tornado Pattern – Multi-melta/heavy flamer 60 pts

    Fast Mover 2 – Landspeeder Tornado Pattern – Multi-melta/heavy flamer 60 pts

    Gunship – Landspeeder Storm – Heavy Flamer, Cerberus launcher, jamming beacon

    Heavy Support – 350 pts
    Predator Gallus – Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons 120 pts

    Vindicator Terminus 115 pts

    Vindicator Decimus 115 pts

    I have that I can add:

    Sgt Tellion, 3 sniper scouts & either a heavy bolter or missile launcher scout

    20 Tactical termies (2 heavy flamers, 1 Assault cannon, 1 cyclone)

    Techmarine/MoF w/ servitor

    2 Chaplains: 1 w/ Jump pack, 1 in termie armor

    2 Librarians: 1 power armor, 1 termie armor

    10 man assault squad: 1 flamer, Sgt w/ Twin Lightning claws

    2 assault termies w/ lightning claws

    4 man honor guard: champion, 2 honor guard w/ BP/PW/BG, 1 honor guard w/ relic blade, all have aux grenade launchers

    Ironclad dread: hurricane bolters, seismic hammer, melta

    Vulkan H'estan

    Darnath Lysander

    Please, I haven't played against wolves since 3rd Ed. I have 6 games under my belt w/ this army from 500 up to 2000 now & am undefeated but I've not gotten to play against any MEQ armies yet, let alone Wolves.

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