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    Pure Sister of battles footslog army?


    I'm pretty new at Warhammer 40k, played Tau years ago then I turned to Warhammer Fantasy instead. But now im going to start a new Warhammer 40k army and of course it will be Sister of battles. Just beacuse I love the fluff, the models and who can say no to a massive army of womens x)

    I have one sort of a problem though. I not so much in for tanks, I like a running army who fight for glory on foot instead of hide in a tank. Yea yea, i know many of you would rather get me into a tank army but sorry, Im not one of those guys. But, (yes this sounds wierd) I will have no problem to field Exorcist. Why I don't want other tanks in my army is beacuse they will not fit in with my holy army. My goal with the army is to recreate the year 1400 - 1600 witch hunt but it never ended. So exorcist is fine, with those orgel steam pipes, and the name. But putting immolator or rhino would just seems... wrong

    So, I've tried to find a footslogging army list or tactic but I can't seem find one. Is there really no one who footslogging those beloved sisters and doing well? If there is, can you tell me what I need to think about, what units I need and what to look out for?


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    Sisters are one of the few armies out there who can still hoof it on foot. Squads of 16-20 in power armor are scary. Support them with Exorcists and Seraphim and you're golden.
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    Ikbuh's pretty much summed it up for you. Horde the Sisters, add Seraphim and Exorcist to taste, voila! You could add in Celestians if you like, Repentia if you like fluff (I don't mind them, most people detest them). Canoness on foot, with BoSL and you should be right!
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