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    Back to the Wolves

    After not using space wolves for a long time, mainly cause i've not been playing warhammer for a few years i'm gonna start using them again massively, my previous army list was based on the old codex and i am just curious as to whether the list i used to use was still competative.

    Primarily my list is a rhino rush army backed up by a combination of long fangs/whirlwind/ Predators i have 2 predators 1 whirlwind and 2 units of long fangs with most weapon combinations, usually i would use grey hunters over blood claws (dunno if this is still the best way) and each unit would have a HQ unit and a wolfguard pack leader to pack a punch with loads of power weapons/ frost blades. I also have 2 dreads and 2 units of scouts armed to the teeth with plasma weapons which again i vary around with.

    main reason i am writing this post i should point out is because i am going to be fighting my friends 2k ork army which is written in a very tournament fashion (aka no fun to play and a bad winner) he tends to use trukks/battle wagons backed up with 1 or 2 units of lootas and a nasty unit of knob bikers with a warboss. just wonder if any thoughts on what i should take, i was thinking 3 units of grey hunters in rhinos with wolf guard and a power weapon and a hq in each one unit maybe having 2 hq's in as i can have 4, a dreadnought a unit of scouts with plasma pistol and palsma gun 2 units of long fangs one anti tank one anti inf and a whirlwind just wondering on peoples thoughts (sorry for the bad typing and grammar)

    Remeber men, we are fighting for the ladies honour, which is a damsite more than she did

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    my 2000pt list

    i normally play 1500-1750 pts, but this is a list i use at 2000pts
    Ragnar Blackmane
    Rune Priest:- runic armour, wolf tooth necklace, chooser of the slain, using living lightning and murderous hurricaine
    Wolf Priest:- wolf tooth necklace

    4 wolfguard, power armour, powerfist, combi melta
    Lone wolf, tda, thunder hammer, storm shield
    Lone wolf, tda, chainfist, storm shield

    heavy support
    Long fangs, 5 x missile launcher, with squad leader
    land raider crusader with multi melta and extra armour

    grey hunters x 10, includes 2 meltas, power wolf standard
    grey hunters x 8, includes 1 melta, wolf standard in a rhino with extra armour
    grey hunters x 9, includes 1 melta, wolf standard in a rhino with extra armour
    grey hunters x 9, includes 1 melta, wolf standard in a rhino with extra armour

    squad of ten go in landraider with ragnar and wolf priest and 1 wolf guard, these are used to take on (and hopefully take out) the opponents "tough" squads,the other squads of hunters with wolf guard "sergeants" plus priest in one squad support and hold objectives, the lone wolves are annoying hard to kill nuisance units that roam the battlefield looking for suitable targets. long fangs sit at the back picking off vehicles or putting wounds on big monsters. ragnars unit is damned hard, I5, S5 attacks x 27-45 from hunters, 3-5 power weapon, 3-5 power fist, +wolf priest and ragnar, with re-rolls either for the banner(1 use only), or the wolf priest (preferred enemy).
    Fluff would have ragnar with blood claws, but hunters are better.

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