Im posting this as some tactical advice to the Blood Angel community and just to make sure that my tactics are correct/legal.
I’ve recently been using my BA army to literally scare my opponents off the board. Ive been spearheading my mech Blood angels with a Libby dread and another naked libby in a rhino. That’s at 1850 points. Ive contemplated adding a third libby simply because this tactic has been so devastating. Mech helps as your mobility is king to its success. But this could also be done quite effectivly with an DOA army, but I havnt tried that as of yet. Heres how it works.

Libby dread drop pods to a good vantage point on the board. Other units choose unit to focus fire upon and do so. Hopefully causing at least 25% causalities. When its libbys turn it casts its Fear of the Dark at the damaged unit. Positioning of the libby is crucial. Preferably you want to be behind a unit if possible or at least to their direct side. The opponent must roll his leadership – 2. Your opponent is going to fail that roll 33% to 45% of the time for at least a space marine players. Other races will be worse like tau or IG. Those races it about 50/50.

When your opponent fails his check, they immediately fall back. Now at the end of the shooting phase the opponent must hopefully check moral again due to the 25% damage you caused his unit. He automatically fails that check.. yes even a space marine with “and they shall know no fear” Ironic, as apparently they do fear the dark.

Now during his turn, if you’ve positioned your Fast tanks correctly and gotten within the 6 “ no regroup range falling back units will continue to fall back another 2d6”, and at this point your opponent will be very close if not off the board already. During your turn get one of your fast tanks or another D-pod to within the 6” no regroup range and continue to escort them off the board. If you need to, you may shoot a NON SM unit that way it wont be able to regroup after they lose 50%. You may also tank shock a falling back unit causing it to fall back again automatically. The unit that’s falling back may have to make multiple fall backs in a turn. ie. Tank shock, another Fear of the Dark, shooting.

Remember that units (except SM) that do regroup only get a 3” move and are considered moving so you should be safe from at least any heavy or rapid fire weapons.

Another good use of the power is to use it late in the game to get troops off of an objective. If you cause them to fall back, you did twofold, as now hopefully the objective is clear, and they are considered destroyed if it is the last turn of the game. Yes, even space marines.. as they haven’t had their chance to regroup yet.

Of course theres the benifit of simply having a psycher simply for the psychic hood poweras well.

Now, as great as this may seem, it has its limitations.

1. Daemons. No effect at all.. they just laugh at you for taking wasted powers that have no effect as the entire army is fearless.
2. Anything else that can be fearless, orcs, tyranids, deathwing.
3. All mech armies.. you’ve gota pop the transports first before even thinking about making the troops run off.

All in all, I have found Fear of the Dark incredibly effective, especially since I am running two Libs now. I have run off huge 10 man stearnguard units with a HQ attached without even firing a shot at it. Terminators squads, a boat load of named characters that are with squads. I usually run off 2-3 units in a game. I consider it the best power in the BA arsenal.

You comments/criticisms are appreciated.