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    space wolves wolf priest

    atm iam debating on replacing one of my 2 vindicators with a wolf priest with a jump pack to boost my sky claw pack. my list is fairley balanced with grimnar, wolfguard termies and sky claws for cc, and 2x vindies, LR redemer and long fangs for heavy firepower. my question is is it worth droping a vindicator in order to take the wolf priest, which will siginificantley boost the cc potential of the sky claws?

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    Just a few questions: how many models in your sky claw unit? How often are your vindicators targeted? Do you feel like your current list is lacking in fast-moving cc?

    Generally, I would say that it's worth it to move to a wolf priest if your vindicators are relatively unmolested during games, and not really getting that many kills, plus you have a decent sized squad of skyclaws. But it does mean your skyclaws become a huge target when they start becoming that many points. And they still don't hold up against any other dedicated melee squad (like howling banshees) Really, I just don't see how re-rolling hits on your jump squad would do more damage than an extra vindicator. I would need more details to be convinced otherwise.

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