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    Gots me a new box!

    So I purchased a box of GK and am now wondering what you would suggest I build them as. I haven't really looked at the GK or played as them yet (The purchase was mainly for bits but I am also going to make a small GK army to accompany my DIY chapter) so I don't know what to make. Suggestions? My friend who plays said to make them all with halberds.

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    If your going to go along the halberd line then I suggest purifiers which means you'll need Crowe as your HQ to make them troops rather than elites. They can also take 2 Psycannons for every 5 men which is always lots of fun!
    Purifiers are more expensive than Strike Squads (Basic power armour troops FYI) but can take Halberds for cheaper and have an extra Attack more on their their profile than Strike squads. Cleansing flame is just the cherry on top with theses guys. If you are going to go all halberds it might be a good idea to throw in a Daemon Hammer (Force weapon thunder hammer) into the mix just to take care of something that the rest of the squad cant shift be that an MC, Tank or even a dreadnought thats managed to catch you in CC. When that last one happens you will be happy for the extra strength!

    So depending on how many Psycannons you want each ten man squad to take (Personally I take as many as possible) you will have 1-2 Daemon Hammers, 4-5 Halberds and 4 Psycannons.
    Assuming in this case you go with the 2 Daemon hammers a single squad will have,

    12 - 24" S4 AP5 shots (S5 if you take Psybolt ammo)
    8-16 - 24" S7 AP4 Rendings shots (number of shots determined by if you shoot the psycannons by either Assault 2 or Heavy 4 shooting mode)

    Close Combat
    8 - S4 I6 force weapon attacks
    4 - S8 I1 Force weapon attacks (also counts as Thunder hammer)
    8 - normal CC attacks.

    All that for a cool 298pts. Seems a lot of points for ten guys doesnt it? Well it is, but Grey Knights are expensive because their just that damn good.

    The only downside to this type of List is that Crowe, while as awesome as he is, is NOT and independant character and will always take to the field by himself and cannot join a squad to keep himself safe from enemy fire so you need him to either steal someones ride or give him his own transport to ensure he gets across the field intact.

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    If your only looking for a small grey knights army, paladins may be the way to go. However, since you got regular GKs, go with Purifiers in the setup that Farseer Macleod said. He has told it very well. 4-5 halberds, 1-2 hammers, and 4 psycannons will give you a squad that is made to take on everything, whether you combat squad them or not.
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