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    Objective Placement Tutorial for IG

    Man I wished there was a thread like this here in the forum....

    Any takers?

    Are there any rules of thumb about where to deploy your objectives when playing an IG Gunline army?
    (My list can be found in the 'army list' section under "1850 Gunline Variant")

    What I would like to see is a list with the different deployments and different missions where experienced players explain their reasons for where they tend to place their objectives (in the corner, in the middle, near the tanks, away from the tanks, spread out, close together etc).


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    It's an interesting topic but it varys so much game to game. Personally speaking I stick them in the cover where my blob squad is going to be or out in the open with clear fields of fire but close enough for a platoon command to run there for the last turn.
    The reasoning behind this is that I'm likely to lose if my firebase is taken out anyway so they can hold that objective and if there is an objective in the open they either have to hold back and make a mad dash or I can hit each advancing unit with as much fire as possible.

    Others may have more definite strategies though!


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    It really has to depend on the mission being played, your opponent, and the deployment. I would say where possible if using a gunline army (is there any other kind for guard?) then it really needs to be as close to as many units as possible. If it's a normal mission it will hurt us, as it will need to be 12" from any board edge or another objective. That said if you gunline correctly you'll be able to hit any objective with an obscene ammount of firepower.

    Sure on paper we look like very good objective takers, with just 2 troops choices allowing you to take and hold as many as 6 objectives, maybe more. But in reality it doesn't work that way, we are weak, compared to a lot of other armies especially current ones.
    One thing I will remind everybody, 2", take every single part of that 2" between your men, believe it's a lot further than it looks. And it can mean the difference between 5 men dying and just 2 or 3. And don't be afraid to go to ground if shot at, remember your commanders can make you 'get back in the fight' on your next shooting phase. All helps, so on some occasions I'd even say yes, if you can the OM's should be in cover with your troops. But at least make sure no fighting units can get near them. We can after all field a lot of S8 pie plates, especially in 1800 plus points armies. Three heavy support can be damn nearly an entire Company of tanks, and even 9 ordinary no upgrade LRBT's is enough to have even the Spess Mehrenes quaking in their boots.

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    Generally, I've found there are three main strategies for placing objectives

    Defensive: Place them in cover in a place with either clear fields of fire or limited approaches, then camp it with a unit that is either cheap and/or durable and/or has long ranged firepower. Good for Guard or Tau, or anyone with potent long-range shooting.

    Offensive type A: Place them in the open, preferably in such a way as it's relatively easy to for you to get a unit there to contest or claim it on turns 5+. Can be used by anyone, but best with Eldar/Dark Eldar, since they generally don't camp objectives.

    Offensive type B: Place them in cover (or near cover) as close as possible to your opponents objective, preferably in a straight line between their deployment and yours. This favors armies who have powerful midrange shooting/assault potential, as they can advance to the first objective, leave a fire support unit on it, then keep advancing to the opponents. This is my favored style with my Grey Knights Draigo/Paladin army, and frequently used when I play my meltavet/chimera list, since my infantry don't have much in the way of (long-ranged) shooting.
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    1. Close to one flank board edge...if you're running an al'rahem platoon (and an astropath!!! Never take rahem without one!!!), lets you flood the OBJ from a nontraditional vector. Tip: If taking a mounted Rahem platoon and using this tactic, park the chimeras on the board edge and hoof it to the objective...prevents the enemy from rolling on directly behind you.

    2. If the enemy is primarily a melee army, keep the OBJs at arm's length...he can't come at you AND claim them at the same time...but only if you have some chimmies standing by for a late-game OBJ-rush...like on turns 4+5, moving 12, smoke, move 12.

    3. If the enemy is shooty, put them as far from him as possible, even if that's not the same as "near you," since it will force him to move more, consequently shooting less.

    4. If the enemy is mechanized, put them in terrain, since he may immobilize himself driving into the terrain...the terrain almost certainly won't obscure his transport(s), and if you destroy the transport(s), the enemy gets cover anyway, so there's no downside.

    5. If the enemy is hoofing it, and you have weapons that AP him (um...that's battle cannons for anything but terminators), put them in the open, far from cover, so he can't put the majority in cover and still snake out some models to claim...although, if he does, you shoot regular crud at him until the majority is in the open (he may break coherency or abandon control of the objective to keep the cover save...and on the last turn, there's no downside to breaking coherency, since there's no next turn in which he'd be forced to move), then drop the pieplate...

    Bottom line is that you want to spread OBJs out, since you almost certainly have more scoring units to work with, and you want them as far from you as you can get them and still be able to move to them in two turns, since putting them close to you fails to force the enemy to choose between assaulting you and siezing the OBJs.
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    For gunline IG, put objectives as close to each other as you can. This compensates for your list's slow movement (and negates your opponent's fast movement) and encourages the enemy to keep its ranks sufficiently close for your templates to be really effective.

    Don't bother about cover, generally speaking. Your men don't need it unless your enemy stocked up on bolters instead of meltaguns and las/plas turrets. Besides, your opponent (since you're playing a gunline list) will get there first. If the objectives are out in the open then he won't be getting any cover saves as you shell the blood out of him. There'll be on-objective wreckage to protect your mens' advance soon enough.

    In two-objectives games, put your objective away from the table sides. You don't want a fleeting outflanker to pull your blob off the objective at the last second. Alternatively, use a Chimera or open-topped artillery as a 'firebreak' against outflanks.
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    This works best against close range armies who arent very fast, armies like tyranids, horde orks, WWP DE, demons, drop pods...

    Put an objective on one extreme flank and a ton of stuff protecting it, then on the opposite flank go all the heavy weapon teams, leman russes, artillary...

    This gives you the support "sacrificial" flank and the holding flank. if your opponent wants to kill the support units on the sacrifiial flank he will have to come in close to deal with them, all the while they are firing at the units attacking the holding flank.

    Against my brothers drop pods I will usually castle up in a corner with an objective, on the far edge will go a leman russ battle tank, if he wants to kill that russ he has to drop a dreadnought there to get it, the multi melta will probobly fail, i will move cruising speed away and stay in cover or pop smoke, he will have to try the multi melta again and assault if in range, in my next turn I can either cruise along a third time or start shooting at his infantry pods that have started coming down. The russ is just there to die and help out the holding flank. If he doesnt drop a dread in to deal with it I pound him turn after turn with that battle cannon.

    Same thing with my friend dans ork horde, his anti tank is power klaws, no lootas, no rokkits, no killa kans he uses power klaws.
    IG Best Gen 1st overall of 10 DE 4th overall of 6
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