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    questions about the rules

    OK so I have now seen it several times posted that a razorback can be placed with a ten man tactical squad, even when it states that the capacity is only six models. Also I have seen it written that if a vehicle rotates on the spot it counts as moving. I need help understanding this cause I have read the rule book back to front and I cant find it anywhere that says this is within the limits. The main reason I am posting this is cause I have friends that read this and I guess use this forum as a second rule book or something and it is getting on my nerves. I apologize if I offend anyone but I am just curious.

    Now I have seen it in the book that rotating on the spot counts as movment for a dedicated transport in the means of the troops disembarking, but other than that I dont see it in there. It only states that for shooting and assaulting that it does not count as moving and it can fire everything and troops automaticly hit, they just need to move the models so the vehicle doesn't push over or rest on top of the model.

    I have also seen it in the book that a force is selected and then after the terrain and battle type hase been selected then you deploy, and thats when you can combat squad the Space Marines and split them up. If you take any special weapon or heavy weapon then the squad has to be ten men therfore can not take a razorback as a dedicated transport they have to deploy as one unit then split up into two combat squads then one squad can load up on turn one of the game, making the razorback an extra troops choice not a dedicated transport.

    Ok so again if I offend anyone I dont mean to, I was just trying to clear some things up, and if I am wrong place tell me where I can find it in the rule book or codex.

    Thank You

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    pg. 58 "vehicles that remain stationary may fire all of their weapons (remembering that pivoting on the spot does not count as moving) but it does state on pg. 66 that for the purposes of EMBARKING if a vehicle pivots it may not move after embarking passengers.

    as for combat squads, it says when the unit is deployed is when you split the squad, which includes the dedicated transport. there is no restriction on squad size for taking a rhino or razorback, though some codex's have a squad min/max specifically in their entry for certain transports. now if the person does not split his 10 man squad, he obviously can't embark the squad on a razorback until it numbers 6 or less. also read the dedicated transport entry on pg. 67 to clear up your force org question.
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