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    Badab War Campaign 750pts advice

    Hey all,

    I'm new to 40K (been playin fantasy for a while now) and i'm jumpin into a Badab War campaign at my local GW. I'm building a Fire Angels army for the Loyalist side. Right now we're playin 500pts, with 250pts added each month.

    Here's my list right now,

    Captain - Relic Blade

    Tactical Marines x10 - Power sword, combi-flamer, melta, missile launcher

    Razorback - Dozer Blade, T-L Assault cannon (or lascannon)

    Landspeeder - Typhoon missile launcher, heavy flamer


    I'm looking for advice for my 750pt list for next month, and for what to look for as I build down the road. I'm trying to keep this list fluffy, so NO drop pods, bikes or speeders (well, minimal speeders). Blade weapons where appropriate. The army plays as a mobile, urban-assault force with lots of armour/anti armour. I'm allowed to use rules from the Badab War books (Imperial Armour 9) so I have access to Captain Tarnus Vale. Gives Chapter Tactics: Tank Hunter, gives Extra Armour free for all dedicated transports, his unit becomes stubborn and if you put him in a tank, the tank gets Tank Hunter. But for 175pts, and all he is is a captain with a plasma pistol and chainsword, not worth it till later on.

    Campaign rules state no unit over 200pts, only one from each category(elite, heavy support ...) except troops. (This lasts till 1000pts)

    Finally, I'm fighting all marines. At least for the foreseeable future, this is for the campaign only. So lots of marines (except that damn guy who plays Astral Claws Tyrant's Legion (cheap conscripts but gets access to IG tanks).

    Now I'm done. Appreciate the advice guys. Thanks in advance!

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    Considering the fact that almost all infantry models you will meet in the course of the campaign are T4, with 3+ or 2+ save the combi-flamer and the heavy flamer don't do you much good. Even against Tyrant Legion cheap conscripts you really don't need them. Go with combi-melta and multi-melta instead.
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    Like Polaria said, heavy flamers won't do too much damage against marines. Also, depending on what models you have available, you could consider swaping the combi-flamer and melta gun for some sort of plasma gun. Plasma is useful against AP3 as well as light tanks.

    As for what you could take for the extra 250 points, if you're going for an armoured city fighting force... I think taking a vindicator makes perfect sense. That will also help a lot against all of the marines you'll be facing. Also, taking some scouts might not be a bad idea, and I think you could fit a good squad of scouts and the vidicator in for around 250 points.
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