Hello Everyone,

This past weekend, I participate din the Warmaster's challenge doubles tournament, in Kitchener Ontario.

1000 points per player, 1 force org chart.

Here's the list we used:

List 1:

HQ: Grand Master, Blind Grenades, Mastercrafted Sword, Psycannon

Troop: 5 Grey Knights, Psycannon, Daemon Hammer on the Justicar, Razorback w Psybolts

Elite: 5 Paladins, 2 Psycannon, 3 halberds, 1 Daemon Hammer, 1 Mastercrafting

Elite: Vindicare Assassin

Heavy: Dreadnought, 2x Twin Linked Autocannon, Psybolts

List 2:

HQ: Librarian, Halberd, The Shrouding, Sanctuary, Might of Titan, Warp Rift

Troop: 5 Grey Knights, Psycannon, Daemon Hammer on the Justicar, Razorback w Psybolts

Elite: 10 Purifiers, 5 halberds, 2 incinerators, 2 Daemon Hammers

Heavy: Landraider Redeemer, Multimelta, Psybolts

Heavy: Dreadnought, 2x Twin Linked Autocannon, Psybolts

We ran close together to maximize firing lanes and firepower, while maintaining cover for the key units (Paladins).

Here are some pictures, Battle report for game one will be below:

Game 1:

Mission: Primary: Staggered Objective, 2 turn 1, 2 Turn 2, each team places an equal amount.
Secondary:Kill Points
Tertiary: Control Fallback Lanes, (Control both 12" long board edge zones)

Opponnents: Grey Knights and Dark Eldar

Grey Knights:

HQ: Librarian

Troop: 5 Terminators (unique)

Troop: 10 Grey Knight Strikers in a Rhino, 2 psycannon, 2 Daemon hammer, Psybolts

Fast: Stormraven

Heavy: Psyfle Dread

Dark Eldar:

HQ: Some close combat witch-like character running with Incubi

Troop: 10 Warriors in a raider with blasters and dark lances

Elite: Incubi in a Raider

Elite: Wytches in a Raider

Fast: Voidraven Bomber

Dawn of War Deployment

We placed 2 objectives, ours is in a piece of terrain just left of center close to our board edge, their is dead center in a big ruin.

They left everything off the table to walk on Turn 1, so did we.

We did not steal the initiative.

Grand Strategy: Paladins are Scoring

Their Turn 1: Dark Eldar Zip forward with the wytches and incubi raiders, on either side of the center ruins, grey knights drive a rhino up there too to support. Stormraven zips in about 22 inches middle left table, warriors raider come on behind a piece of terrain on the far left side, about halfway up. voidraven comes on slow, about 6" from their board edge, center table. dread walks on the far right flank, and runs into a forest. End of Turn 1.

Our Turn 1: landraider zooms on 12" towards the center table objective and pops smoke. My Razorback comes up behind it and hides. Vindicare and Partner's dread come on left side and run into terrain in the corner. My dread comes up center left near the objective there, along with partner's paladins and grand master. his razorback comes on mid left side, and pops smoke. Shooting, we cna't see ANYTHING due to night fight... Bummer.

turn 2, 2 more objective placed, we place ours as close to the vindicae and dread in the left corner as possible (12" form board edge and other objectives) They place theirs 12" form our second one, close to their warrior squad)

Their Turn 2: Ddark Eldar close combat squads (Incubi and Wytches zoom up on either side of the landraider, grey knighs drive up and park on the objective int he center. Stormraven moves closer to melta landraider, Void Raven remains pensive... positioning itself for a bombing run next turn. Dread moves a little closer,and dark eldar on the left flank continue to hide behind terrain. Shooting begins, I get Shrouding off, landraider (Libby inside), razorback and dread are in range. All darklances fire at landraider, I save everyhting. Multimelta and lascannon fire at landraider, I save all results. They look worried... Psycannons from rhino fire at landraider, no damage. Dread fires at Dread, saved. Warriors fire on vindicare, he saves many wounds but takes 1. End of turn.

Our Turn 2: Landraider moves forward, letting out the Purifiers, they are able to charge either raider, or the contents we hope. 3 incinerators and librarian on the right side with a line on the wytches raider. Razorback moves hiding behind the landraider, grey knights get out maintining a good distance from the dark eldar, but with LOS to the raider with incubi, left side of landraider. paladins move forward into terrain, aiming to take down the stormraven. his razorback move towards the stormraven, ready to have grey knights hop out and fire (also on top of the 2nd objctive that just landed). my dread moves to get los on the voidraven, his does the same. Shooting. Vindicare fires at the stormraven, and misses (this will become a trend). Landraider fires multimelta at Stormraven, BLowing it up and killing a terminator! Landriader machine spirits the twin liked psycannon at wytches ride, blowing it up and killing 4 Wytches! My dread fires at Voidraven, Wrecking it! My razorback and Squad fire at Incubi raider, immobilizing and shaking it. Partner's dread fires at Inubi raider, no new results. Partner's Razorback fires at Incubi raider, no new results. Paladins fire at Terminators, killing 2, now its 2 Halberd Termis with libby, no Psycannons. Puirifiers Burn Wytches out of existence. Vindicare tries to snipe Librarian, no wounds. No charges. End of Turn.

Their Turn 3: Incubi Get out, and aim for Purifiers, so do the Grey Knights in cover. Terminators make a break for my partner's razorback. Dread Shufles around, Hiding warriors, move to get a better LOS on the field, but are still off to one side, near their 2nd objective. Shooting: Grey Knights shoot at purifiers, I get Shrouding off and go to ground for a sweet 2+ cover save (They are shooting through more than 2" of terrain). I lose only 1 purifier (incinerator). Incubi fleet, 2" (They would've gone for my strike squad now that purifiers were pinned, but didn't have the movement. Warriors, shoot at partner's razorback, knocking off the gun. Charges, Grey Knights and incubi charge the purifiers. Trmis charge the razorback. Termis can't do any damage. Incubi and Grey Knights wipe the purifiers, only librarian is left, Purifier's flames are psychic hooded, as are both might of titan and hammer hand from my libby. about half the incubi are dead and 3 grey knights. Librarian breaks, is caught and dies to fearless wounds. leaving the incubi and grey knights unengaged, staring at a redeemer, they try to spread out but each squad can only consolidate 2"

Our Turn 3: Landraider shifts around to get a solid flamestorm on the Grey Knights. My Grey Knight Squad stands still, and razorback shift around to see the incubi. My dread moves an inch to get a bead on their dread. Paladins move through their terrain towards the incbi. His Razroback and squad move 6" back hop out into the same piece of terrain with the vindicare and dread, and prepare to shoot the termis. Shooting, Flamestorm kills 6 Grey Knights, leaving a lonely hammer in terrain. paladins shoot incubi, reducing them to 4 models. Grey Knights shoot incubi reducing them to 2 (hero and 1 Incubi). Razorback finishes them off, instant death'ing the hero. Dread fires on Dread, blowing it up. Partner's Grey Knights fire on Terminators, no casualties. Dread fires on Immobilized Raider the Incubi rode in on, no Damage. Vindicare fires at Librarin, misses, fails to wound. No Charges, end of turn.

Their Turn 4: Librarian and Termis chase the my Partner's Grey Knights. Warriors move their raider closer, and immobilize it on a piece of terrain. Lone grey knight moves back, and gets in the rhino parked on the objective. Warriors shoot at Paladins, no wounds, Darklance from raider shoots at Landraider, misses. Librarian and Termis charge the Grey Knights, yes they make their difficult terrain move. Combat, Termis wipe Grey Knights. End of Turn.

Our Turn 4: Vindicare puts some distance between himself and the Termis, Dread moves closer. Paladins move towards the left side objective, where the razorback is sitting, Razorback moves 6" to prepare to chase the Dark Eldar out of their immobilized ride. Landraider drives up to the rhino, parking itself to contest the objective. Razorback follows. grey knight squad moves to take the mid left objective where the paladins were sitting, Dread moves towards the immobilized raider the incubi used. Shooting, Vindicare pistols a shot at the Librarian, fails to wound. Dread shoots the termis, they save. Paladins shoot the raider with warriors, blow it up, kills 3 warriors. my dread blasts at the immobilized incubi raider, knocks off the gun. grey knights fire at the raider, no damage. Landraider shoots multimelta and psycannon at rhino, immobilized, weapon destroyed, stunned. Razorback fires at rhino, no damage. Warriors Break, and flee 13", directly onto the leftmost of their objectives. Dread charges the Termis. Drawn combat, they can't hurt it, and they save its body checks. End of Turn.

Their Turn 5: Warriors rally. Grey Knight stays in his tank. At this point we are running short on time, so we rush a bit, warriors shoot at paladins, no damage, combat with dread inconclusive. End of Turn.

Our Turn 5: Shooting fails to destroy the Rhion (What?) We blow up the last raider, and paladins walk on to the leftmost of our objectives, spreading out to prevent the termis from consolidating and contesting if they somehow manage to kill the dread. vindicare charges into the termis fighting the librarian. Razorback tank shocks the warriors, they death or glory and wreck it. Vindicare dies in combat, but dread is undamaged. End of tunr, and no time for a turn 6.

Game over. Results:

Primary: We hold 2 objectives, contest 1, They hold 1. Win for us.
Secondary: We killed way more stuff, Win for us.
Tertiary: Neither of us managed to control the 12" zones, Draw.

We also got some bonus points for some things, but overall a nice solid victory, just short of a massacre.

The vindicare didn't do ANYTHING....

Game 2 coming soon.