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    Warmaster's Cahllenge, Battle Reports, and Army Pics

    Hello Everyone,

    This past weekend, I participated in the Warmaster's challenge doubles tournament, in Kitchener Ontario.

    1000 points per player, 1 force org chart.

    Here's the list we used:

    List 1:

    HQ: Grand Master, Blind Grenades, Mastercrafted Sword, Psycannon

    Troop: 5 Grey Knights, Psycannon, Daemon Hammer on the Justicar, Razorback w Psybolts

    Elite: 5 Paladins, 2 Psycannon, 3 halberds, 1 Daemon Hammer, 1 Mastercrafting

    Elite: Vindicare Assassin

    Heavy: Dreadnought, 2x Twin Linked Autocannon, Psybolts

    List 2:

    HQ: Librarian, Halberd, The Shrouding, Sanctuary, Might of Titan, Warp Rift

    Troop: 5 Grey Knights, Psycannon, Daemon Hammer on the Justicar, Razorback w Psybolts

    Elite: 10 Purifiers, 5 halberds, 2 incinerators, 2 Daemon Hammers

    Heavy: Landraider Redeemer, Multimelta, Psybolts

    Heavy: Dreadnought, 2x Twin Linked Autocannon, Psybolts

    We ran close together to maximize firing lanes and firepower, while maintaining cover for the key units (Paladins).

    Here are some pictures, Battle report for game one will be below:

    Game 1:

    Mission: Primary: Staggered Objective, 2 turn 1, 2 Turn 2, each team places an equal amount.
    Secondary:Kill Points
    Tertiary: Control Fallback Lanes, (Control both 12" long board edge zones)

    Opponnents: Grey Knights and Dark Eldar

    Grey Knights:

    HQ: Librarian

    Troop: 5 Terminators (unique)

    Troop: 10 Grey Knight Strikers in a Rhino, 2 psycannon, 2 Daemon hammer, Psybolts

    Fast: Stormraven

    Heavy: Psyfle Dread

    Dark Eldar:

    HQ: Some close combat witch-like character running with Incubi

    Troop: 10 Warriors in a raider with blasters and dark lances

    Elite: Incubi in a Raider

    Elite: Wytches in a Raider

    Fast: Voidraven Bomber

    Dawn of War Deployment

    We placed 2 objectives, ours is in a piece of terrain just left of center close to our board edge, their is dead center in a big ruin.

    They left everything off the table to walk on Turn 1, so did we.

    We did not steal the initiative.

    Grand Strategy: Paladins are Scoring

    Their Turn 1: Dark Eldar Zip forward with the wytches and incubi raiders, on either side of the center ruins, grey knights drive a rhino up there too to support. Stormraven zips in about 22 inches middle left table, warriors raider come on behind a piece of terrain on the far left side, about halfway up. voidraven comes on slow, about 6" from their board edge, center table. dread walks on the far right flank, and runs into a forest. End of Turn 1.

    Our Turn 1: landraider zooms on 12" towards the center table objective and pops smoke. My Razorback comes up behind it and hides. Vindicare and Partner's dread come on left side and run into terrain in the corner. My dread comes up center left near the objective there, along with partner's paladins and grand master. his razorback comes on mid left side, and pops smoke. Shooting, we cna't see ANYTHING due to night fight... Bummer.

    turn 2, 2 more objective placed, we place ours as close to the vindicae and dread in the left corner as possible (12" form board edge and other objectives) They place theirs 12" form our second one, close to their warrior squad)

    Their Turn 2: Ddark Eldar close combat squads (Incubi and Wytches zoom up on either side of the landraider, grey knighs drive up and park on the objective int he center. Stormraven moves closer to melta landraider, Void Raven remains pensive... positioning itself for a bombing run next turn. Dread moves a little closer,and dark eldar on the left flank continue to hide behind terrain. Shooting begins, I get Shrouding off, landraider (Libby inside), razorback and dread are in range. All darklances fire at landraider, I save everyhting. Multimelta and lascannon fire at landraider, I save all results. They look worried... Psycannons from rhino fire at landraider, no damage. Dread fires at Dread, saved. Warriors fire on vindicare, he saves many wounds but takes 1. End of turn.

    Our Turn 2: Landraider moves forward, letting out the Purifiers, they are able to charge either raider, or the contents we hope. 3 incinerators and librarian on the right side with a line on the wytches raider. Razorback moves hiding behind the landraider, grey knights get out maintining a good distance from the dark eldar, but with LOS to the raider with incubi, left side of landraider. paladins move forward into terrain, aiming to take down the stormraven. his razorback move towards the stormraven, ready to have grey knights hop out and fire (also on top of the 2nd objctive that just landed). my dread moves to get los on the voidraven, his does the same. Shooting. Vindicare fires at the stormraven, and misses (this will become a trend). Landraider fires multimelta at Stormraven, BLowing it up and killing a terminator! Landriader machine spirits the twin liked psycannon at wytches ride, blowing it up and killing 4 Wytches! My dread fires at Voidraven, Wrecking it! My razorback and Squad fire at Incubi raider, immobilizing and shaking it. Partner's dread fires at Inubi raider, no new results. Partner's Razorback fires at Incubi raider, no new results. Paladins fire at Terminators, killing 2, now its 2 Halberd Termis with libby, no Psycannons. Puirifiers Burn Wytches out of existence. Vindicare tries to snipe Librarian, no wounds. No charges. End of Turn.

    Their Turn 3: Incubi Get out, and aim for Purifiers, so do the Grey Knights in cover. Terminators make a break for my partner's razorback. Dread Shufles around, Hiding warriors, move to get a better LOS on the field, but are still off to one side, near their 2nd objective. Shooting: Grey Knights shoot at purifiers, I get Shrouding off and go to ground for a sweet 2+ cover save (They are shooting through more than 2" of terrain). I lose only 1 purifier (incinerator). Incubi fleet, 2" (They would've gone for my strike squad now that purifiers were pinned, but didn't have the movement. Warriors, shoot at partner's razorback, knocking off the gun. Charges, Grey Knights and incubi charge the purifiers. Trmis charge the razorback. Termis can't do any damage. Incubi and Grey Knights wipe the purifiers, only librarian is left, Purifier's flames are psychic hooded, as are both might of titan and hammer hand from my libby. about half the incubi are dead and 3 grey knights. Librarian breaks, is caught and dies to fearless wounds. leaving the incubi and grey knights unengaged, staring at a redeemer, they try to spread out but each squad can only consolidate 2"

    Our Turn 3: Landraider shifts around to get a solid flamestorm on the Grey Knights. My Grey Knight Squad stands still, and razorback shift around to see the incubi. My dread moves an inch to get a bead on their dread. Paladins move through their terrain towards the incbi. His Razroback and squad move 6" back hop out into the same piece of terrain with the vindicare and dread, and prepare to shoot the termis. Shooting, Flamestorm kills 6 Grey Knights, leaving a lonely hammer in terrain. paladins shoot incubi, reducing them to 4 models. Grey Knights shoot incubi reducing them to 2 (hero and 1 Incubi). Razorback finishes them off, instant death'ing the hero. Dread fires on Dread, blowing it up. Partner's Grey Knights fire on Terminators, no casualties. Dread fires on Immobilized Raider the Incubi rode in on, no Damage. Vindicare fires at Librarin, misses, fails to wound. No Charges, end of turn.

    Their Turn 4: Librarian and Termis chase the my Partner's Grey Knights. Warriors move their raider closer, and immobilize it on a piece of terrain. Lone grey knight moves back, and gets in the rhino parked on the objective. Warriors shoot at Paladins, no wounds, Darklance from raider shoots at Landraider, misses. Librarian and Termis charge the Grey Knights, yes they make their difficult terrain move. Combat, Termis wipe Grey Knights. End of Turn.

    Our Turn 4: Vindicare puts some distance between himself and the Termis, Dread moves closer. Paladins move towards the left side objective, where the razorback is sitting, Razorback moves 6" to prepare to chase the Dark Eldar out of their immobilized ride. Landraider drives up to the rhino, parking itself to contest the objective. Razorback follows. grey knight squad moves to take the mid left objective where the paladins were sitting, Dread moves towards the immobilized raider the incubi used. Shooting, Vindicare pistols a shot at the Librarian, fails to wound. Dread shoots the termis, they save. Paladins shoot the raider with warriors, blow it up, kills 3 warriors. my dread blasts at the immobilized incubi raider, knocks off the gun. grey knights fire at the raider, no damage. Landraider shoots multimelta and psycannon at rhino, immobilized, weapon destroyed, stunned. Razorback fires at rhino, no damage. Warriors Break, and flee 13", directly onto the leftmost of their objectives. Dread charges the Termis. Drawn combat, they can't hurt it, and they save its body checks. End of Turn.

    Their Turn 5: Warriors rally. Grey Knight stays in his tank. At this point we are running short on time, so we rush a bit, warriors shoot at paladins, no damage, combat with dread inconclusive. End of Turn.

    Our Turn 5: Shooting fails to destroy the Rhion (What?) We blow up the last raider, and paladins walk on to the leftmost of our objectives, spreading out to prevent the termis from consolidating and contesting if they somehow manage to kill the dread. vindicare charges into the termis fighting the librarian. Razorback tank shocks the warriors, they death or glory and wreck it. Vindicare dies in combat, but dread is undamaged. End of tunr, and no time for a turn 6.

    Game over. Results:

    Primary: We hold 2 objectives, contest 1, They hold 1. Win for us.
    Secondary: We killed way more stuff, Win for us.
    Tertiary: Neither of us managed to control the 12" zones, Draw.

    We also got some bonus points for some things, but overall a nice solid victory, just short of a massacre.

    The vindicare didn't do ANYTHING....

    Game 2 coming soon.

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    64 (x1)

    Mods, I have a spelling Error in the title, anybody mind fixing that for me? thanks!

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    64 (x1)

    Game 2:

    Mission: Primary: Table Quarters
    Secondary: Control More Objectives
    Tertiary: Victory Points

    Opponents: Guard and Orks

    List 1 Orks:

    HQ: Big Mek, Kustom Force Field, Burna

    Troop: 19 Boyz, Slugga Choppa, Power Klaw Nob W Bosspole

    Elite: 4 Meganobz, Battlewagon w Deffrolla, Red Paint job, big Shoota (Maybe other upgrades)

    Elite: 4 Meganobz, Battlewagon w Deffrolla, Red Paint job, big Shoota (Maybe other upgrades)

    Heavy: Battlewagon w Deffrolla, Red Paint job, big Shoota (Maybe other upgrades)

    Team 2: Guard

    HQ: Command Platoon, Lascannon, Vox, Vet


    10 man infantry Squad, Lascannon Chimera
    10 man infantry Squad, Lascannon Chimera
    Command Squad w 4 x flamer, Chimera

    Elite: Psyker Battle Squad, Chimera

    Heavy(?): 2x Hydra Flak Tank

    Fast: Vendetta Gunship
    Fast: Vendetta Gunship

    WE lose the roll for first turn.

    Standard Pitched battle deployment.

    D3+2 Objectives = 5 Objectives. Evenly scattered around the board, mostly on their side, but nothing out of reach.

    Special Rules: Everything Scores. Even Dedicated transports. To capture or contest a table quarter you must have a unit from BOTH teams present. Objective markers can be captured by anything.

    Deployment: They deploy all the guard tanks slightly right of center, with the 20 man blob squad in cover center table along their table edge. The command platoon is tucked away inside the unit, surrounded. Hydras immediately to the right of them, with the psyker chimera in front, and the flamer chimera right beside. Empty chimeras on the right and left flanks, Vendettas mid table a little forward. Orks, all 3 battlewagons behind a little forest on the left side, side by side.

    Our deployment, castling on the right side, landraider covering razorbacks and a dread just right of center, paladins hiding from lascannons, vindicare and a dread in a small forest off to the right edge.

    They scout move their vendettas, one zips way over to the left board edge, the other moves a little left of center table about 15" away from my raider.

    We are unable to steal the initiative.

    The game begins!

    Their Turn 1: Chimeras shift around a bit to get a better view on things, Vendetta on the left moves even more up the flank, looking sideways at our army. battlewagons zoom as fast as possible forward, crushing over the terrain with their deffrollas. Shooting, Vendetta in the center fires at My dread tucked away beside the landraider in the middle of the table. I get the shrouding off, for no damage to Dread. 2nd Vendetta fires on Dread, immobilizes it . Command platoon fires at razorback, bring it down orders, no damage. inf platoon fires at razorback, orders to reroll cover saves, immobilized. chimeras all fire at vindicare, 1 wound. psyker battle squad tries to do a big AP1 psychic blast at the paladins, but can't pass a leadership test at -4, thank you reinforced Aegis! End of Turn.

    Our turn 1: Landraider zooms up 12" and pops smoke. Dread to the right moces abit to get a bead on the center table vendetta. Paladins follow the landraider. grey knights hop out of their immobilized razorback, and aim at the battlewagons. 2nd squad of grey knights pull up beside them and do the same. Shooting, Primary shot, Vindicare fires on Vendetta, hits, pen, immobilized, Vendetta lands losing line of sight to a lot cause of intervening terrain. Ummobilized Dread cannot rotate torso so only has a view on what he was looking at (this was a judgement call from the tournament organizer) Dread fires at command platoon, killing 2. 2nd dread on the right side fires on vendetta, stunning it and removing a weapon. paladins fire intot he side armor of one of the battlewagons, busting off the big shoota. Grey Knights fire intot he front armor of the big mek's battlewagon, no damage. 2nd squad same story. My Razorback fires at the remaining command squad, killing 2 more (including instant death on the lascannon. His razorback fires at the vendeta on the left side, no damage. Last remaining member of the command Platoon flees off the baord.No Charges.

    Their Turn 2: Battlewagons drive another 13" closer, ready to charge next turn. Chimeras shuffle around, the one in their left table quarter moves onto the objective. Shooting, Infantry platoon lascannons try to break open the Landraider, no effect due to another successful shrouding. vendetta on the left knocks the gun off the immobilized rhino. Hydras fire on the dread on the right side, knocking off a gun-arm. chimeras fire on the vindicare and paladins, killing the vindi and no wounds to pallies. No charges, End of turn.

    Our turn 2: Landraider drives right up to the guard tank line and infantry. Purifiers hop out, preparing to charge both the guardsmen and the tanks. mobile razorback and squad fall back a bit to try to avoid the Orkish Onslauight thats incoming. Pallies position themselves for a countercharge. Shooting, Landraider uses multimelta on downed Vendetta, blowing it up and killing 2 leading guardsmen. Dread on the far right puts 2 autocannon shots into the side armor of the same battlewagon that lost a gun, immobilizing it. Razorback fires on the other vendetta, and with a lucky glance immobilizes it! Grey Knights try to stop a battlewagon and fail. pallies try too, no effect. Purifiers don't shoot as any casualties from their intended target of the guardsmen would prevent them from charging. my dread fires on a bttlewagon failing to glance front armor. Charges, Purifiers charge guardsmen and 2 Chimeras, Might of titan and hammerhand from Libby, Purifying flame kills 8/18 guardsmen. halberds wipe the rest, wreck 1 chimera with hammer, blow the other one up too - killing 3/5 of the flamer squad and pinning them. psyker battle squad passes morale. Purifiers consolidate towards the hydras, leaving flaming qreckage and corpses in their wake. End of Turn.

    Their Turn 3: Battlewagons pull up, 1 hits the razorback with deffrolla, stunning it. boyz and meganobs hop out, big mek stays inside.boyz are pointed at paladins, meganobz at the squads of grey knights. Psyker battle squad tries to run away. Meganobz hop out of immobile battlewagon, and run back to the table quarter on the left with the lone chimera on an objective. Shooting, hydras shoot purifiers, killing 1. chimera fires on purifiers, no deaths. vendetta fires on immobile dread, no damage. Orks Waaaagh! Boyz move 6" well within range of paladins, meganobx move to 1" away form the GK squads. Cowardly meganobs headed for the objective rolla 1 and stumble, save the wound. Orks charge, Meganobz hit both squads of GK. Boyz hit Pallies. In combat the meganobs wipe 1 squad of GK strikers and reduce the other 1 to 1 man with a hammer, but lose 3 meganobz and a wound to failed force weapon activation and instant death from hammers, drawn combat. Orks hit paladins, last, and the grandmaster has blind grenades, so they're just down to their 3 base attacks. halberds and all other attacks kill 9/19. return attacks, kill no paladisn, not even a wound, epic saves by my partner! Power flaw only hits once, and wounds, but the save from the sword and psycannon pallie passes on his 4+! Orks lose, by 9 and are no longer fearless, they break, but termis can't pursue.

    Our Turn 3: this will be the last turn, as we've run out of time, these guys took forever lining up shooting and making decisions and so on... aggravating. anyway, we push for objective, ensuring that we're controlling 2 table quarters and contesting one, to their 1 controlled. purifiers wipe the spyker battle squad and command squad, but fail to think through their shooting and can't charge the chimera that sitting on an objective right there. Striker with hammer and meganob kill eachother. Librarian uses warp rift on the hydra flak tanks, wrecking one and taking the gun off the other, just for good measure. the game ends as time is called.

    Results: Primary: WIN (We hold more table quarters!)
    Secondary: Lose (they hold more objectives)
    Tertiary: WIN (we scored more Victory points!)

    A great day for the purifiers, as the 10 of them essentially wiped out all the guard!

    Vindicare took down a vendetta!

    Paladins had 19 orks bounce right off of them!

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    59 (x2)

    Great Reports, and interesting colours on your Knights - Rep for you.

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    64 (x1)

    Game 3:
    Mission: Primary: Marker Points
    Secondary: Kill Points
    Tertiary: Control Terrain

    Opponents: Sisters and Space Wolves

    List 1, Sisters:

    HQ: Canoness, Jump pack, Eviscerator, Combi flamer, 2+ Armor Save (Forget the name of the item)

    10 woman, Sisters of Battle Squad, Hv. Flamer, Flamer, Rhino
    10 woman, Sisters of Battle Squad, Hv. Flamer, Flamer, Rhino

    Fast Attack: 6 Seraphim, 2 Hand Flamers, Combi flamer on Champ


    List 2 Space Wolves:

    HQ: Wolf Priest, Living Lightning for sure, don't know about other powes/spells

    10 Grey Hunters, Mark of the Wulfen, Banner, 2 Meltagun, Plasma Pistol champ, Powerfist, Rhino
    10 Grey Hunters, Mark of the Wulfen, Banner, 2 Meltagun, Plasma Pistol champ, Powerfist, Rhino

    Elite: Venerable Dreadnought, TL Lascannon

    Heavy: Longfangs, 2 Lascannon, 2 Missile Launcher, Lascannon Razorback

    Deployment, Spearhead.

    Again we lose the roll to go first.

    There are objective in the center of the table, and in the middle of the unoccupied table quarters. after deployment, before the game starts, we roll a D3 for each objective, the result is the amount of marker points it is worth.

    Their Deployment, they pick their table quarter, there is a big building in the middle of the board, their table quarter has a forest and some impassable cliffs, with ok sight lines from the forest. they put their longfangs with rune priest attached in the forest. Seraphim deploy as close as possible to the center building, one sisters' Rhino with squad against the edge of their deployment zone headed to the right quarter, close to the Seraphim. 2nd Sister's Rhino as close as possible to center, bordering on the other empty table quarter, followed by a piece of impassable terrain, the dread and both SW rhinos in a line on the quarter edge. exorcists sit in their backfield, ready to react to our deployment.

    Our Deployment, we deploy everything hiding in the shadow of the center building, along the long quarter edge, ready to face off vs the seraphim and sisters and refuse the space wolf flank. Infiltrate the Vindicare in a piece of terrain in the right quarter where our army is aiming. Razorback in front of Landraider in front of paladins another razorback and a dread, 2nd dread along the far right table edge with a line on the longfangs and the other unoccupied table edge. It will be very hard for them to deny us a cover save on anything.

    Then we roll for the objective values, the objective the space wolves are aiming at in the left empty quarter is worth 1. the center objective is worth 2. the right unoccupied quarter objective is worth 2.

    We cannot steal the initiative (Trend?)

    Grand Strategy: Paladins Reroll 1's to wound.

    Their Turn 1: Wolves drive their rhinos up in a line, towards the left quarter objective, front rhino pops smoke. dread walks out beside the rhinos, takes aim on the lead razorback on our side. sistrs rhino pulls up about 6" from center, hiding from our guns. 2nd sisters rhino moves right to the quarter edge, against the center building, hiding the seraphim. Seraphim hide. Exorcists split up, one goes to sit beside the longfangs ot cover entry to their home quarter via the right quarter where we look like we're aiming, 2nd one crosses into the left quarter, behind the rhino. razorback zooms up in beside and in front of the right sisters' rhino. shooting, dread fires at razorback, no damage. exorcist fires at razorback, no hits. 2nd exorcist fires at far dread, no damage. longfangs split fire, krak rockets at Vindicare, saves, lascannons at central razorback, saves (covered by central building). Living lighting at razorback fails psychic check at -4 due to the support dread. End of Turn.

    Our Turn 1: Landraider moves to completely hide behind the building, no exorcists will hit it. my razorback positions itself to take the center objective, squad remains embarked, my dread steps partially behind the razorback to see his dread. partner's razorback moves up into the right side table quarter, to take the objective. Paladins walk up behind center razorback, partially obscured, aiming to deal with anything that wants to come near the center objective. far dread moves into right table quarter, draws a bead on the enemy razorback. Shooting, Vindicare shoots at the exorcist near the long fangs, hits, fails to pen. my dread fires at the space wolf dread, immobilizing it. paladins shoot the sister's rhino close to the center, blowing it up, killling 2 sisters in the explosion. landraider fires multimelta at other sister's rhino, wrecking it. Landraider Psycannon fires into the sisters that disembarked, killing 3. dread fires at razorback, knocking off the gun. partner's razorback shoots at the lead grey hunter rhino, no damage. End of Shooting, no charges, sisters squads pass morale. End of Turn.

    Their Turn 2: Rhinos move forward, putting pressure on our left flank. dread stands still as he will do forever after now. seraphim make a bold move, and jump into the space between the razorback, dreadnought and landraider, aiming to use flames on the paladins. exorcist ont he left side, in the non starting quarter, moves to see the paladins. sisters squad ont he right side falls back and spreads out. sisters squad near the center takes position to threaten any unit that want to claim the center objective. razorback falls back, towards the longfangs, with no guns it didn't belong on the front line. Shooting, Longfangs can't damage anything, not due to lack of effort, lascannons fire at central razorback, along with living lightning, no damage, as I got the shrouding off again, and the distances work well. krak rockets into vindi again, saves. exorcist on the left fires on paladins, 1 wound saved. 2nd exorcist fires on central razorback, again, saved. Seraphim burn the paladins, but don't kill any, no wound. they couldn't get their rending power off. Paladins are out of charge range. dread fires at our dread, no damage, thank you shrouding. end of turn.

    Our Turn 2: Landraider shifts aroudn to see the seraphim witht he flamestorm cannon, and the sisters squad with the psycannon. partner's razorback drives back and lets out the grey knights to shoot the seraphim. my razorback does the same thing. Paladins walk forward, towards the center, with hopes of charging the sisters. Dread moves to see the remaining rhinos, end dread moves to see longfangs. Shooting, Seraphim and cannoness are wiped though combined fire from flamestorm, both razorbacks and strike squads. Central dread fires on lead rhino, blowing it up and killing 2 puppies. paladins fire on the exposed puppies, killing 4. Dreadnought #2 fires at longfangs, no casualties. vindicare, fails to pen the exorcist again. Lanrdaider fires Psycannon on sisters squad, kills 1. No Charges, End of turn.

    Their Turn 3: Walking puppies run to the left objective, they make it to the edge of the building its in and have to stop. remaining wolf rhino moves towards paladins and pops smoke, about 13-14" away. sister squad walks to middle and aims to flame and shoot paladins. 2nd sisters squad moves aroudn back of the building circling away from the landraider, towards the middle to support. end of movement. shooting, dread knocks a gun off my dread. sisters cause 2 wounds on paladins with rending flamers. longfang rockets fire on vindi again, he dodges like a champ. exorcists both fire on paladins, in an exceptionally lucky roll get a bunch of missiles in, killing 3/6 models! living lightning is psychic hooded. lascannos fire at pallies, no deaths. Pallies break, and run 13 inches into cover about 10" from the board edge and 8" from the space wolf rhino (thank god). End of turn.

    Our Turn 3: OUCH! pallies actually suffered casualties! They rally and walk towards the Rhino, thank you for 'And they shall know no fear"! grey knight squad near the middle that shot at the seraphim stands still taking aim at the center sister's squad. far strikers get back in razorback ang go park on the right side objective. landraider inches around the building preparing to zip in and charge next turn. dreads move for better shots... shooting! Landraider fires psycannon on sisters, no deaths. dread fires on longfangs, kills sargeant. Vindi fails to hit exorcist (REALLY??)... Razorback fires on sisters, in concert with grey knight squad, reduces them to 4. My dread fires 2 shots at the smoked wolf rhino, blowing it up! kills 2 puppies. Paladins don't shoot. Sisters squad breaks. Paladins charge puppies. combat sees 0 casualties from paladins and 3/8 puppies die. They hold. End of Turn.

    Their Turn 4: sisters continue to break away, not running very fast still able to fire on the strikers, 2nd sisters squad come in to support the center. small wolf squad runs into cover to sit on the objective. Shooting. Sisters shoot at strikers, killing 1. exorcist on the left fires on the center razorback, wrecking it. dread fires on dread, no damage, longfangs focus on vindicare, he survives. 2nd exorcist takes a pot shot at the landraider, no damage. Combat, paladins kill 3 more puppies but the halberd toting paladin falls to rending from mark of the wulfen, wolves break, and flee, paladins can't sweeping advance, so they simply pursue as fast as possible. now its just the grand master and a hammer.

    Our Turn 4: the jaws close! The landraider drives over the old wreck of the sister's rhino, and lets the purifiers out, popping smoke, ready to charge inott he back of the sisters. The wolves ran up the middle, towards the sisters, so now everyone is in the middle with 10 purifiers and a libby on one side, and a paladin and grand master on the other. not much other movement, the strike squad in the middle stands near the objective in cover. strikers get out of ther razorback on the objective and run partially onto the terrain the vindi is on. shooting, vindicare misses the exorcist again... dread misses the dread. 2nd dread has no targets because the landraider is blocking him. Combat, Paladins charge the fleeing sisters and fleeing wolves, make it in with both. Purifiers charge the big sister's squad. Paladin dies to a perils wound trying to get hammerhand off! grand master slaughters the wolves. purifiers totally wipe the sisters, but lose 2 models in the process. only 1" to consolidate, can't hide form the exorcist staring them in the face. Grand master manages o consolidate out of sight behind some impassable cliffs.

    Their turn 5: Sisters player uses his final faith point to rally the sisters (many failed faith tests throughout the game nerfed what should've been some serious sister's power). southern exorcist pulls up beside immobile dread, both dread and exorcist fire on the strike squad in the middle, reducing them to the justicar and a psycannon. longfangs and exorcist wipe the purifiers down to a hammer and the librarian! End of turn.

    Our Turn 5: Librarian walks south to join the remaining strikers in cover near the middle. hammer purifier walks over to exorcist that didn't move last turn . landraider moves to prepare to flamestorm the longfangs. Grandmaster steps around the corner to participate against the longfangs and exorcist. Shooting, LAndraider burns up 3 longfangs, 2 missile, 1 lascannon. Grandmaster fires on longfangs killing the rune priest. Librarian tries to warp rift the sisters, but they negate it due to their silent sisterhood rule on a 5+. remaining strikers fire on sisters killing all of them. Vindicare can't see because of landraider. Psycannon from landraider fires on razorback, wrecking it. charges, purifier with hammer charges exorcist, knock off the gun and stunning it.

    The game goes on to turn 6!

    Their Turn 6: Lascannon longfang kills Grandmaster! exorcist kills librarian and 1 striker, leaving only the hammer standing on the objective. in their turn hammer on purifier knocks the gun off the exorcist.

    Our turn 6: Flamestorm kills last longfang, purifier wrecks exorcist. End of game.

    Results: Primary: We hold 2 2 point objectives, they hold 1 1point objective, we win.
    Secondary: we both lost a lot, but we killed more kill points than them. We Win.
    Tertiary: we hold 2 pieces of terrain, they hold 1. We win.

    Vindicare did nothing!

    Paladins and Grandmaster got killed off! but took a bunch of stuff with them, equal points? Seraphim, Grey hunter Squad... probably not...


    Game 4 coming soon...

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    Game 4: Shadow in the Warp in a Muthafu&%a!

    Mission: Primary: Victory Points (win by 500 points)
    Secondary: King of the Hill (control the objective in the center with a 6" control zone as opposed to the normal 3")
    Tertiary: Have more units above half strength than your opponents.

    Opponents: Double Tyranids

    Their combined list

    4 Tervigons, Cluster Spines, Other nasty upgrades

    2 10 man gaunt squads

    2 Trigon Primes

    1 Mawloch

    2x 3 Hive Guard

    6 Ymgarl Genestealers

    Deployment, Standard

    They won the roll to go first, we haven't gone first in any game yet.

    They deploy their monsters equally across the board, mostly in the middle, spread out, with gaunts in front, and hive guard in front of monsters, but behind termigaunts.

    we place our entire army on the right side of our deployment zone, hoping to deny them the ability to effectivlent use half of their army.

    We fail to steal the initiative.

    They go first!

    Grand Strategy: Paladins and Dread reroll 1's to wound

    Their turn 1: everything rushes forward as fast as possible, Trigon on the right side getting close with a good run. hive guard fire, knock the gun off one razorback, no other damage. None of the Tervigons spawn dudes. not a whole lot going on, but lots of guys. they're about halfway up the table now, a little behind, tervigons are keeping their distance, big worms are moving as fast as possible.

    Our Turn 1: We move around a bit to ensure good sightlines, maintaining good distance. the Vindicare and Paladins are on a piece of terrain about center, on dread on their right, one dread (rerolling 1's) on their left. a razorback with the gun busted off on the left, landraider and 2nd razorback on the right. Purifiers in the landraider are preparing to charge guants and the Trigon on the right side, next turn. Shooting, we focus fire on the hive guard. Landraider, Paladins and razorback kills 7 gaunts from the screen on the right, then the dread causes 4 wounds, no save on the hive guard, 1 left. 2nd dread fires at the 2nd squad of hive guard, in cover, only causes 1 unsaved wound. vindicare tries to shoot a trigon, misses. No Charges end of turn 1.

    Their turn 2: Ymgarl enter via the terrain that the paladins and vindicare were on. we assume they will charge the vindicare, but instead they run off to charge the dread on the left that rerolls 1s... Tervigons all spawn gaunts, 2 run out of steam, but there are now 4 more gaunt squads, i have no idea how many, but there were LOTS. and they were up in our grill fast, being able to deploy 6" from the tervigon, then move 6" then run.... the gap was closing. Trigon on the left moves as fast as possible and runs, mawloch is stuck in terrain and moving slowly. Tervigons move slowly, keeping a lot of gaunts between them and the action. on the right side, the 3 remaining gaunts go to the center objective and camp. a big squad just spawned runs up beside the trigon, providing cover saves for the remaining hive guard... The trigon wants to rush the landraider, difficult terrain stops him about 5" from the raider, PHEW! Shooting sees the razorback with the gun missing become immobilized, no other damage. genestealers charge dread, and blow it up! killing 2 stealers. End of turn.

    Our Turn 2: They're on us! Purifiers get out, move towards the biomass, librarian gets a line on the Trigon, aimed for a squad multi charge into 15 or so gaunts and the trigon prime. paladins move towards the stealers. Grey Knights disembark from their immobile gunless razorback, and aim at the stealers. other grey knight squad disembarks, and sets up to shoot into some guants near the purifier combat. Dread draws a bead on one of the tervigons. Landraider zooms 12" over to hit the stealers with flamestorm. Shooting, Purifiers hold fire, but librarian gets warp Rift off, hitting the trigon, 2 gaunts and the hive guard, kills only the gaunts and hive guard. first psychic power successful, this shadow in the warp thing ain't so bad... landraider burns up 3/4 stealers. Paladins wipe an entire gaunt squad via shooting. razorback and dread take 3 wounds of a tervigon! Vindicare hits the same one with a turbo pen but fails to wound. Assault (This is where things go pear shaped) Purifiers charge, Librarian tries for hammerhand, fails. Squad tries for purifying flame, fails... Kill gaunts with halberds and strikes from the butt of incinerators, fail to wound the Trigon with ANYTHING... hard to kill it with force weapons when we can't hurt it... Trigon Strikes, Kills 6 Purifiers! Gaunts kill 2 more. Hammers are all that remain, they fail to wound!!! I lose by 1 and fail my fearless purifier save! ZOMG that could not have gone much worse... At this point I'm totally bummed, I hate losing and my big punch unit, but maybe it won't be so bad (it will be)....

    Their Turn 3: The two capable tervigons spawn more gaunts, and run out. gaunts all rush forward, mawloch finally frees himself from terrain, fleets and charges towards the paladins. Trigon on the left moves towards the landraider. genestealer aims to hit the paladins in the back. hive guard shuffle around. Gaunts swarm forward, they now securely hold the center objective. Tervigons step forward a bit, staying behind the gaunts, the wonded one makes a break for the back left corner. Shooting, hive Guard fire on paladins, no casualties. all available gaunts fire on paladins, no wounds unsaved. Tervigons that are in range use clusterspines on the paladins, no wounds unsaved. Assault, Trigon charges landraider, genestealer diverts and charges the immoblie Razorback. Mawloch charges paladins, alone... cause the nearby gaunts fail their terrain! In combat the paladins dispatch the mawloch with force weapons before it can strike. Genestealer stuns the razorback. TRIGON BLOWS UP THE LANDRAIDER.... ugh... hitting on 6's, With a reroll from all the scything talons, resulted in 2 hits, 2 pens, and a 5 and 6! ugh... sad... all my team's fun toys destroyed. Then in combat with the purifier and Librarian, I try for double hammerhand, 1 from purifier, 1 from libby, and only get 1 off... Fail to wound the Trigon... Trigon kills the purifier, and wounds the librarian twice, miraculously he saves both 5+ wounds! loses combat, and stays put. surrounded by gaunts, battle the trigon.

    Our Turn 3: Turning the tide?? Paladins walk into the wreckage of the landraider, preparing to face off against the second trigon prime, everybody else stays put, and shoots! Dread and razorback manage to take another wound off of the wounded Tervigon. Vindicare fails to hit with the hellfire round, NOT killing the beast. Paladins don't shoot. Strikers all fire into some guants thinning the herd. Assault, Paladins multicharge the Trigon, a squad of gaunts and the Genestealer. Combat... Paladins absolutely decimate everything they charged, they force weapon the prime even through shadow, kill the stealer, and most of the gaunts (all but 1 would die to combat resolution wounds [Trigon is worth 6!]) They're stuck int he safety of combat, unscathed entirely. Now, the librarian tries for hammerhand, passes! hits the trigon twice, and manages to wound! As I pick up the 3 dice to roll my psychic check, I think to myself 'this had better goddamn work...' and it does! Trigon is banished , and all but 3 gaunts die to combat res! end of turn.

    Their Turn 4: their faces have changed a bit, a distressed look replacing the jovial joking... they charge more gaunts into the paladins to try to tie them up, and move the nearest tervigons away. they continue to run with their wounded mama, and charge more gaunts into the librarian. in combat the librarian wins by 2 not taking any wounds, and the paladins massacre all the gaunts, freeing themselves from combat, and consolidating 6" towards the closest Tervigon. End of turn.

    Our turn 4: we agree this will be the last turn, as time will be called shortly (their turns took forever moving so many guants...) Paladins charge a Tervigon, Grey knights move in to help the librarian, their razorback zooms in tank shocking towards the center objective to contest. Dread tries to take down the wounded tervigon, but fails. Vindicare is just out of range. in combat the grey knights and librarian kill off the gaunts, and the paladins only cause 3 wounds on the Tervigon, failing all their psychic checks. The game ends!

    Results: Primary: We think we're screwed, but all we really lost was the dread, the landraider and the purifiers, about 675 points... They lost 2 Trigons, a Mawloch, a full squad of hive guard, and a bunch of gaunts. plus 2 tervigons at or below half wounds. we win by 530 points!
    Secondary: Draw, the center objective is contested.
    Tertiary: Win! we have more units above half strength.


    The vindicare did nothing at all... all he did all day was immobilize a Vendetta. THAT'S IT! How disappointing.

    The end result was great. we won every game and scored very well for presentation.

    They read the results and we win nothing! Anther team won best overall and another team won best general. we thought for sure we should've won...

    I had to leave, but my partner stayed behind to get a print out of the results sheet...

    i'm driving home and he calls me, apparently they accidentally switched our scores in the last game, giving us the loss! the correction puts us 2 points away from best overall, we win Best General(s)!

    The new Ork Battleforce keeps me warm, while my buddy is sitting on a new guard battleforce...

    Good times!


    Vindicare, worth it? Not today... though he did force our opponents to react to him.

    Paladins are awesome. No question.

    The mixed list with so many different things, actually proved to be exceptional all comers list!

    The landraider is an asset, greatly if you can protect it form pesky shooting!

    That's all, thanks for reading!

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    I'm not surprised you scored for presentation on that army, it looks fantastic. And I like the slightly different take on colours too. Well done.

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