Ok so i had my first with my Black Templars v.s Tyranids after a 7 or 8 month break in a 2000pt battle & i just wanted to know what you think about this list because i reckon that i could have done a bit better than what i did:

HQ - Helbrect + FC + 3 Initiates (retinue) + LRC (dedicated transport)
7 Sword Brethren Command Squad + 2 twin LC + PF
EC + ACMO (preferred enemy)

E - 2 Dreadnought + HF

T - 3x 8 Initiates + PF + 5 Neophytes

FA - 3 Initiate Bikes + 2 PW + Attack Bike

HS - Predator Annihilator + HB side-sponsons

I eventually lost the battle but it was a close one it was fun too, oh & i also want to know (because i don't to post again), is it a good idea to equip a squad of Initiate Bikes with an Attack Bike & also with Power Weapons? thanx