Sisters Vs. Craftworld Eldar - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    I am a veteran gamer but new (again) to 40K. I've been playing SoB now for a couple months and I'm getting a better feel for it and enjoying it more everytime I play.

    One of the "40K gurus" at my gaming store is putting together a Craftworld Eldar army. I have never faced Eldar either now nor many years ago when I played 2nd edition Space Marines for awhile. My understanding is that they have lighter armor on average but are quite fast and can put out a lot of shots.

    I would like some rules of thumb to keep in mind for setting up a force to fight them. If anyone would also like to relate battle experiences with Sisters against them I would love to read them. I'll also take force composition advice if anyone would feel so inclined.

    What I have to work with:
    Living Saint
    18 Repentias & Mistress
    12 Seraphim & 2 Seraphim Superiors
    3 Penitent Engines
    5 Rhino "Hulls" ( Using some 20 guage metal sheet peices and magnets I am able to swap peices in and out so I can convert these hulls on demand. I can make 3 excorcists, 5 Rhinos or 5 Immolators with any weapon choice)

    5 Superiors
    1 Banner bearer
    1 Imagnifer
    1 Hvy Flamer
    3 Flamers
    2 Multi Meltas
    4 Meltas
    6 Stormbolters
    21 Sisters w/ Bolters
    20 IG troopers with Heavy weapons teams available( Hvy Bolters, Lascannons, Autocannons, or Mortars)

    No Inquisitor yet.
    I have fought Space Marines mostly so that's my chief experience.

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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    I have played quite a bit against Eldar, mainly Biel Tan and the sisters versatility can addapt ok to Biel Tan.

    Battle Sisters squads should have an heavy flamer and probably a meltagun. With this configurarion you can both crisp large ammounts of Banshees (sweet) and Guardians and flame as best as possible other Aspects and the melta a nice chance of killing a heavy armoured model and a pot shot at vehicles. Do not forget that even against scorpions and spiders the heavy flamer can be used along with bolters and Act of Faith to prevent those armour saves.

    Seraphims are a must, either so that you can keep up moving at the same speed as your opponent or faster and harry their units (lovely flame and hit & run) or in a more specific anti-tank role with metabombs. Eldar tend to take a lovely vehicle upgrade (serpent and maybe falcon) which negate the +2D6 in armour penetration on shooting melta weapons but get the Seraphims with meltabombs and they won't know what hit them. The mentioned vehicle upgrade only works against shooting attack, not cc.

    Against Wraithlords, you have Exorcist; Avatars, take heavy bolter retributor.

    If your opponent tends to use War Walkers then you should get a retributor squad with 4 heavy bolters, if he gets a lot of serpents and falcons then a couple of Exorcists will be needed.

    Without your opponent's idea of army and the ammount of points available there is no way to give your units best suited but this should give you an idea...
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    Eldar troops really dislike flamers.

    Anyway, since just about every eldar army I have faced included a seer council, you might want to swap the living saint for an inquisitor loaded for psyker. If it&#39;s a friendly game, you can use the saint to proxy for an inquisitor, if not, just grab any one of the models out there.

    A lot of the Witchhunter equipment is tooled to royally mess with psykers, and as mentioned above, any eldar force is bound to contain a few of them.

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