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    Member GrandMaster Mortis's Avatar
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    Help vs Black Templars (again lol)

    so before i post my copy and paste thread ill explain why
    well Ive gotten back into 40k and was going to collect a new army, i decided to go a non marine army cause Ive been marines for 3 years when i use to play.
    so i couldn't decide and thought i finally found a non marine army that i may like (DE) and i post for some ideas of what to buy to help me out against my Black Templar friend some of the guys over in the DE forum (especially nigelboyette, asdrubal and El_jario) gave me some suggestions and advice.

    so every thinks going fine till my girlfriend i haven't seen in two weeks buys me 2 boxes of GK termies and a box of purifiers/strike's cause i am a big marine fan and brings them over, now the decision has been made for me and now i ask the venerated grandmasters of the GK forums to help me out with a shopping list/army list sample that would be good to get for competitive play against my BT friend (main opponent) as well as making it fairly competitive for other armies.

    his list looks like this;
    2 vindicators
    venerable dread/ drop podded (assault cannon flamer etc)
    2 crusade squads (something like 10 power armored marines and 10 scout meat shields all CC orientated melta weapons power fists etc)
    a marshal with all the trimmings 2 lightning claws (goes with one crusade squad)
    a emperors champ (with other crusade squad)

    that's the stuff he brings every game stuff he switches in are;
    -predator laz canons all round i believe
    - 10 assault marines (melta and fists)
    - land raider
    -cc termies mixture of claws and hammers
    - tech marine and servitors

    he's one of those gotta win types and if he wins gotta tell you about it and if he loses there's an excuse, and if anyone can give me an idea of a list to combat his cheesiness (i mean 2 vindicators really)
    (p.s. sorry for the wall of text and spelling if there's any mistakes )

    Last edited by GrandMaster Mortis; October 4th, 2011 at 04:55. Reason: making it less wall of texty
    Chaos is a decison not a life

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    LO Zealot cKerensky's Avatar
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    Nothing special to take out Templars over standard marines, really. There's plenty of good lists on the forum. Templars are great because of their meat-shields, but GKs are great because they're a very strong mid-range army backed up by strong close combat. He's got to travel through your mid range (where we're strong at), and get to close combat (which you should be stronger at, after the mid-range bombardment he'd recieve).

    Warp quake can put the hurt on his drop pods, and it comes standard on Strike Squads, which is nice.

    Vindicare Assassins are great additions to many armies, and his list is the perfect reason why: He stuffs an important model inside a big squad. A Vindicare can just pick them off, or take out his Vindicators. AP1 will make short work of that.

    It all boils down to taking a look at the army postings and getting a feel. I'm a pusher of Inquisitorial based armies myself, and against this paticular list, my inquisitor list would do quite well, but then any All-Comers would.

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    Agreed with cKerensky. Black Templars shouldn't be too huge a challenge for GK. Sure they have a good chance of running towards you if you shoot them, but he isn't using cenobytes so that shouldn't be a big issue.

    As was said above, you should be able to gun him down pretty well if he's within 24".

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