So I recently bought a set of catachans to convert them into penal legion troops. This was fun but the only problem is that i run a mech force and have no real desire to field them without a ride. So I was looking through the codex for a soultion and I noticed that a Lord Commissar can grab a ride. So what I was wondering was would it be even remotely practical to have the convicts ride with the Commisar and have that be my HQ choice (its usually a primiras psyker).

This would be a cool conversion for the chimera. The guy from Santa Cruz Warhammer made a cool conversion for his penal legion troops ride and I want to do something like that.

Then when they were riding in their chimera i would have the Commissar riding in the top hatch (its a forgeworld model) because he would never mingle with them.


I think the overall effect would be cool. What I would like to know is how effective would this be and do you think it would be cool or should i invest my money elsewhere.