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    Well, 2 shots at nids and I learnt a few things...

    Firstly I was playing both sides, but I still learnt a few things, one was to keep away from board edges, unless you can cover enough board to block flanking stealers you need to keep the edge clear, at least 2 turns clear. It wasn't possible on the first mission as it was a bug specific misison and tucked my guard into one quarter with the 'nids on the rest of the table. It meant that in 2 shots of flanking they got lucky and butchered my guard on that quarter. It finished up though coming down to 680 odd to 670 odd in IG favour, close or what in a 1500 game.

    The second game the IG learnt their lesson, though unfortunately I still had to keep my sniper vets to the right of the board to be high up, and a Leman Russ there to hit their 'fex (Incidentally that 'fex had butchered a Lemon in the earlier game), So it began and with a lot of cover there wasn't a lot of shooting going on, for the first 2 turns the only action came really from the Carnifex being shot at by anything that had los and range (the tank, snipers and a lascannon) and the first brood of 12 stealers coming in from the table edge and attacking the tank. By turn 3 the LRBT on that edge was gone, blown to a wreck by the stealers. Who then had to clamber over it to get my sniper vets. Luckily in cover it meant they hit the stealers first, but it didn't save them. Then Strakan and his guys came after them with their flamer and Chimera, the Chimy had a flamer but forgetting this I'd positioned it wrong *blurgh* so it only fired it's turret multilaser and pintle stubber. Didn't do a lot either. Then the flamer came into play, and for those who say heavy flamers aren't worth it, here goes, 1 measly dead stealer, had that been a heavy flamer 3 more would've died, I rolled 3 X 3's and a 4, enough to have killed 4 of the creepy little spuds outright if that would've been a heavy. But no, ordinary flamer and it got 1 stinking bug. The rest of its broodmates went on to blow the Chimy and Strakans mates, he killed 3 of them the same round.

    By the end I only had around 4 squads left, and one of those got seen off by the last remaining base of Rippers, they had helped kill the other 7 with a well placed Det pack.

    Guard won, by 2 objectives to 1, but if we hadn't had the luck we did... Especially with the Zoanthrope, a Lascannon got past its Invuln, killing it outright. I think from the bugs pov I should've spent points somewhere else, a prime is okay surrounded by gants, but still too weak, a Tyrant would've done better. The stealers worked well in both matches, giving the IG some food for thought as they clawed through men and armour alike.

    From the IG pov, maybe in a 1500 game Strakan was too expensive, but then again, he did hold those stealers into turn 5 the final turn, saving other squads from the same fate he suffered. The Demolisher tank worked very well, having killed all but the Prime from it and its guard of now 10 remaining Termagants, the other 5 had already been killed. It had also damaged the 8 Ripper bases extensively and survived because of all the Anti tank stuff the nids had, nothing got close enough to hurt it.

    I think with hindsight I should've kept more units near the middle, but my snipers would have been wasted that way, as it was I think they earned their keep, by knocking that carnifex down on his final wound with a very well placed headshot they saved a lot of potential squad removing venom cannon shots. And maybe saved my other tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jboweruk View Post
    I still had to keep my sniper vets
    To quote the immortal Jamie Hyneman...

    "There's your problem!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by jboweruk View Post
    (Incidentally that 'fex had butchered a Lemon in the earlier game)
    When life gives you lemons, keep them, because hey, free lemons!
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    When life gives you lemons - BURN HIS HOUSE DOWN!

    If you want snipers take Ratlings. For the 85 points it cost to get three snipers you could have had 8.5 ratlings.

    When taking Straken it can pay big dividends to give him a bodyguard. For one turn you can negate the effect of 2-3 wounds by just allocating the crap out of the bodyguard then passing off one of Straken's wounds to him too. I've found he's just money. Do charge other squads in to help him out too, ST4 guardsmen works nicely and they can pull some wounds off Straken's squad.
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