Hey guys. My main army is a DIY chapter I created called the Eternity Guard. When the new GK were coming out I really wanted to play them, but so did a few other players in my group so I decided against it. Yet the models really spoke to me so I wanted to incorporate them somehow into my army. Thus, I decided that I would use C: GK as the rules for this secret company my Eternity Guard have (There'll be a project on my whole chapter eventually, I promise.)

But down to business. When I first saw the knights I thought that they'd be an awesome cc force. Reading the forums it seems now that that is not necessarily the case. It seems to me that they are a more shooty list? I was wondering if someone could write me a competitive 1.5k list. I think I'd like to see it go the purifier way, (Saw 2Deathpoke and @jy2 discussing this already), but if anyone out there feels that there's a better list to be made by all means post that one. Was also wondering how efficient the Storm Raven was as I'd really like to get that model. Thanks!