I'm currently building a Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons Grey Knight Army and it is progressing nicely. However I've just had a recent idea to create a 2nd list which includes some fluff based Legio Cybernetica allies. My main reason for this is that I'm currently selling off a converted Renegade Mechanicus Robot Army and I thought it'd be nice to have some of my favourite conversions from that project (such as the one below) in the 1k sons army.

Of course I'll be looking to take them as Henchmen, most likely with Coteaz to make them troops, the main henchmen will be based off the robot in the picture below so will need to have carapace armour (can't really have a robot with a 5+ save).
I just unsure what weapon load out to give them, I had thought of giving them storm bolters and 1 monkey (tech adept) per squad to give me some objective grabbers that could provide long range support. With some plasma servitors in Coteaz’s squad.

So can anyone make any suggestions on how best to field my Legio Cybernetica Robot Units? What weapons you recommend for them and if transports are necessary?

Note: Most of my GKs are terminators squads and dreadnoughts, thou I might be investing in some mounted Purifier squads?