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    Senior Member NekhraRises's Avatar
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    A problem of Henchmen...

    So I'm designing my army for a tournament next weekend, 1850, and I usually play pretty competitively.

    This time around i'm using an inquisitor as a grenade caddy with purifiers in a stormraven with purifiers, and putting a grandmaster with psycannon (i know its expensive) in a chimera with the henchmen from the inquisitor.

    Here are the ideas I've had for henchmen layout:

    Layout 1: 3 warrior henchmen with plasmaguns, inquisitor with rad and psycho grenades, power armor and power weapon. plasmaguns match the grandmaster's psycannon when immobile and can doubletap for some nastyness when necessary.

    Layout 2: 4 warrior henchmen, all warriors have stormbolters, 3 warriors also have melta or plasma guns, inquisitor is the same, but without armor or power weapon. 5 fire points, 5 shooting models, grand master, 4 stormbolters at 24" melta when necessary... but i lose the armor and power weapon in inquisitor, which would be an asset as combat is definitely the intended use.

    Layout 3: 6 Psykers, no power weapon or armor on the inquisitor. grandmaster and a S8AP1 blast template? sounds good, but I'm worried that the psykers, actually suck. Ld 8 psychic tests, not great, and does the whole squad die on a perils? I'm concerned that they'll whiff and die and I'll be left with nothing!

    Has anybody tried to use henchmen like this? with a psycannon hero in a chimera?

    Any assistance would be helpful!

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    LD 8 is fine, they'll cast more often than not, and yeah, if you perils the whole squad dies. Generally it's best to stick 3 or 4 in a mixed squad, that way they're a bonus when they're alive (and really, they don't cost a lot), and if they're dead, you still have the squad to back on.

    So I guess I'd say go with 3 Psykers, and take 3 Warrior Acolytes with Boltguns and Meltaguns. Because yes, you can take both. That way your guys always have firepower, regardless of the range they're at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NekhraRises View Post
    Has anybody tried to use henchmen like this? with a psycannon hero in a chimera?
    I've used them in a rhino as a substitute vindicator. Their psychic test is a bit hit and miss (and useless if there is a hood in range, or a farseer on the board).
    I feel that an inquisitor would be more use elsewhere, but I would always put at least a basic warrior in the squad to avoid wipeout on perils.

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