Ok so i just had my very first battle with my friend (orks) well not a battle more of an extermination only lost 1 pally ok ill give ya a quick run down of the battle.

Grey Knights




5× Pallys
3× Halbert


Vindic Assassin
Ven-dred 2×TLAC


Dred 2×TLAC

Dredknight - cannon, incinarator, sword n PT



Gazhull or sumit lol with squad of nobs about 15, claws alova the place n ermm big mek wth KFF with squad of boys n a squad of boys with nob n claw all in trukks 3 killer kans and a looted wagon

Turn 1

Orks go first all trukks come at is as much as they can n kiler kans move at me to thats it

My turn dreds pop a trukk each n assasin pops last 1 KERUNCH! Friends actual words "this is not suposed to happennnnnn " Lol knight shoots at wagon does nothin pallys put sum cannon shaped holes in the orks that jumped outa the truks same with storms bolters

Turn 2

Orks move forward shoots cuple rokkits at me dont do much this turn he took a lucky wound off a pally kans move forward dont do much same with waggon

My turn pallys shoot at boys again n they going down like flys same with dred knight heavycannon into them takein another 4 down, assasin...misses!!lol dreds shoot at kans kill 1 imabalise 1 n the last 1 gets away

Turn 3

Orks go mad n declares wrahhhhh!! Lol everything gets into assault and as this is my first game a dont no if we got this wrong but big mek assaults draigo, gazghull can just reach a pally with my hammer and last orks go assault my dred knight and so does the killer kan, draigo takes down cuple orks no wounds taken, dredknight kills 2 orks and puts a wound on th nob but dred knight takes a wound. Hammer pally n gazghull slog it out pally gets power klawed to pulp lol

My turn dred shoots at nobs dont do much a dont think assasin takes a wound off a nob and a send me vendred into assault so they dont charge me pallys n it works gazghull immobalizes it 4 times lol draigo ends the big mek n boys and dred knight does same with nob n is still in combat with killer kan

Sooooo a was just about to charge his nobs with me pallys and draigo and force halbert there 2w into the ground so all he had left was a killer kan, looted wagon and nobs n he sed ok u win lol ano its just rough look at wot happend n its probs hard to read a get carryed away lol

But!!! I asked if he wanted a rematch n he sed deffo but hes revampin his army n buyin dudes but keepin it under wraps untill the match

What i need to no is what do u think hes going to get and what cud i do to counter it!!!

Or what could i get, the points or going up to 1.7k what shud i do diff??

Thx for any replys in advance