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    Land Speeder Storm as Gun Platform for Scouts

    Okay so the Land Speeder Storm is Open Topped meaning its 5 occupants inside can ALL fire measuring their Line of Sight from the hull of the vehicle (Rule Book pg 7). So imagine 5 scouts with Sniper rifles range 36", or 4 sniper rifles and 1 Hvy Bolter range "36 (w/ Hellfire Round) or even 3 snipers, 1 Hvy Bolter and Toras Telion and his 36" SPB (Stalker Pattern Boltgun) with Ballistic Skill 6. &nbsp;Also the Land Speeder Storm has a its own 36"Heavy Bolter. &nbsp;If you&nbsp;haven't&nbsp;noticed a trend here I'll spell it out for you; any of these builds can deliver a lot of 36" range fire. &nbsp;Scouts are fairly puny compared to Marines so if you're fighting an army that is mostly close range assault like Tyranids, than you can keep your Storm at distance and punish the enemy. &nbsp;If they enemy closes with your Storm you can whisk away 12" and still fire its Heavy Bolter (the occupants with heavy weapons cannot fire if the land speeder moves at all, because they will have counted as having moved). &nbsp;Or if 12"&nbsp;isn't&nbsp;enough to get away you can move Flat Out up to 24."<br><br>I haven't tested this strategy yet but I'm considering using it against Tyranids because you can use it to pull Tyranids away from other High Value targets (like your Vindicator or Devastators), or an objective &nbsp;(now I know certain Tyranid army builds have powerful ranged weapons like the Tyranofex, but I've found most Tyranid players focus on assaulty, genestealer builds). &nbsp;In the case where you have a vindicator, whirlwind, or Devastator squad that's going to be their primary threat; imagine shooting you Storm off onto their flank and punishing their MC's with Sniper Fire (always wounds at +4 no matter the toughness) and Hellfire Rounds (blast template that always wounds at +2) as they lumber towards the rest of your army. &nbsp;The Tyranid player will be torn in going after your Storm or pursuing the other threat. &nbsp;If they choose to go after the Storm, you can just shoot off 24" towards another prime shooting location and get the cover save from Flat Out, or just move 12" firing the Storms heavy bolter and keep teasing them along in a direction they&nbsp;don't want&nbsp;to go (knowing that if they don't keep your Storm moving, you're going to stay put and punish them with range 36" fire.<br><br>Added bonuses: &nbsp;Open top vehicles give the scouts a decent chance to survive if Storm gets destroyed. Jamming Beacon will give an extra scatter to anything that tries to Deep Strike near the Storm. &nbsp; Your Storm can fly over cover and use that to slow down pursuers or block Line of Sight. &nbsp;Storm can use scout move or use Outflank from reserves. &nbsp;Storm can drop Scouts off in a prime shooting location and still be a mobile harassment to smaller Tyranids. &nbsp;The Storm is hovering giving good line of sight to your shooters.<br><br>Cons: &nbsp;Open Topped vehicles take +1 on damage table when hit. &nbsp;If you move at least 1" then you get a bonus against enemies assaulting the Storm, but this bonus is taken at the expense of your&nbsp;Storm passengers being able to shoot.<br><br>5 scouts with sniper rifles and a Heavy Bolter is 85 points. &nbsp;"Any Model my replace his Boltgun with a ... or Sniper Rifle" meaning your&nbsp;Sargent&nbsp;with BS 4 can take one as well. &nbsp;The Land Speeder Storm is 50 points. &nbsp; So for all that range 36" fire power it only costs you 135 points, a troop slot and a fast attack slot!! &nbsp;If you want Telion's SPB and BS 6 instead of a Srgnt with Sniper&nbsp;Rifle&nbsp;it's another 50 points. &nbsp;His SPB is Heavy 2, Rending &amp; Pinning. &nbsp;Tyranids don't get pinned unless they're out of synapse and Sniper Rifles are rending as well. &nbsp;You do get to allocate wounds he deals out though which is pretty sweet and he can lend his BS to the Scout shooting a Hellfire Rnd out of the Heavy Bolter if you have the opportunity to blast a group of tough Tyranids. &nbsp;I don't think taking Telion is worth 50 though because you really are putting a lot of eggs in one basket and if anything goes terribly wrong you're out 185 points. &nbsp;I would only take Telion if my opponent had built a purely assault army and was especially vulnerable to this strategy.<br><br>I like this strategy because it combines firepower with mobility. &nbsp;The range and LOS gives you&nbsp;opportunities&nbsp;to pick apart&nbsp;vulnerabilities&nbsp;that an opponent would&nbsp;normally&nbsp;deny you by screening his units. &nbsp;The&nbsp;maneuverability&nbsp;gives you the initiative and makes the opponent respond to you, where it suits you. &nbsp;The SR, HB, and SPB give you options depending what you're shooting at. &nbsp;I think the ppl at Games Workshop intended the Storm as an open topped assault vehicle for scouts, but using it as a gun platform seems to be a pretty awesome alternative. &nbsp; What are your thoughts &amp; feedback? &nbsp;Any holes in this strategy? &nbsp;Would this strategy work in other situations? &nbsp;Can other armies create a similar setup?

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    Next time more punctuation and some paragraphs will make things easier to read.

    Anyway I prefer sniper scouts in cover with cloaks as they are a lot more survivable than on a AV10 vehicle that should always be moving to stay alive.

    The LSS is good for BP/CCW scouts + PF to take out choice targets with a turn one charge.
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    I have contemplated two choices for LSS/Scout combos:

    Heavy Flamer/Bolter with assault squad of Sgt/PW and 4 x Scout/BP/CCW or Shotgun (not popular though). These make excellent speed bumps against horde lists (Orks and Tyranids) or good "assassination" squads for flanking use against Tau and/or Guard. They are quite good timewasters against SM/CSM heavy weapons as they can reduce the number of shooting turns a squad has when they assault.

    Multi-Melta with Sgt/PF/Plasma Pistol/Melta Bomb and 4 x Scout/anything. This is a very handy unit when flanking as they can smash ranged armour or surprise heavily-armoured vehicles in the flank/rear armour aspect.

    Both unit types tend to be disposable and depend on your army's trick. I use them in my Crimson Fists list which is small and purely ranged, and the flanking/screening effect either slows down those annoying Ork hordes or causes anyone with ranged armour (Eldar, Tau or Guard) to panic somewhat. A major disadvantage is their obvious armour weakness and the two KP you will be giving away in those games. However if you manage to knock off something big or important that is a central feature of your opponent's force (synapse creatures, Ethereals, etc) then you may find that you recoup your losses at the end of the game.

    Mad Cat is right regarding Scouts in cloaks in my opinion (and many others'). I split my ten-man units into two for deployment and put my support team (Snipers/Heavy Bolters) in cover near objectives. Even if the enemy gets hold of an objective, a desperate last-minute charge by the support team can often contest at the game's end. Again, the only disappointment is during KP games where I suffer from a surfeit of average squads. Still, they make excellent speed bumps so if they're going to die they will have fulfilled their sacred duty!
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