First tournament with all-bike army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    First tournament with all-bike army

    I recently finished my all-bike army just in time for the monthly tournament at the local game shop. I actually placed third, to my surprise. Other than getting it handed to me against a 10-scatter laser Eldar army, I felt confident in my playing. I'm actually looking for some suggestions on my list, keeping in mind I'm trying to keep everything as fast as possible. And since this is a White Scars army, please don't suggest Dreads. Here goes:
    Captain, relic/stormshield, bike
    Command, bikes, champ, lightning claw/stormshield, power sword, combi-flamer/stormshield.
    8x Bikers, 2 plasma, MM attack bike
    8x Bikers, 2 plasma, MM attack bike
    8x Bikers, 2 flamers, Fist, HB attack bike
    5x bikers, 2x meltas, MM attack bike
    2x landspeeder typhoon, HB
    HB landspeeder
    MM landspeeder

    I found the MM speeder ineffective at deepstrike (scattered off twice, missed to-hit once) so I will probably just do 3 typhoons. Also got the command squad tied up w/ a dread so I could use a fist, maybe.
    What are your suggestions? I Realize I need to play well to win, just want to see what yall think.

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    What point level is this at?

    I'm not a huge fan of biker command squads, but they do serve a purpose. I also suggest swapping the speeders out for attack bike units, since a couple of AV10 models won't last too long against massed autocannon/multilaser fire (and xenos equivalents) that you see from a lot of gunline lists.

    I'm also not a fun of full sized bike squads. Combat squadding them leaves them small and vulnerable and relatively lacking in special weapons, but a full sized unit takes up too much board space.

    It's not bad, though. At this point what you mostly need is combat experience - learn from what you did wrong and right, and adjust your lists and tactics going into the future from what you learned.

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