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    Need help finishing a 500pt all infantry list.

    Basically I want some help finishing a 500pt all infantry list - first though, just a few rules:-

    1) It's all infantry - that means NO VEHICLES obviously

    2) I'm also trying to (loosely) play to the theme of a light infantry regiment which operates mostly in mountains, i'm not too concerned about it (although I would like to keep with it) so as long as your suggestion is justifiable fluff-wise, I'll consider rolling with it.

    With that out of the way my current list is as follows:-

    CCS - Vox

    PCS - Vox, 2 plasma guns

    Infantry Squad - vox

    infantry squad - vox

    heavy weapons squad - heavy bolters (can be swapped to autocannons if I'm fighting touger stuff like marines, current thing is more of a balance between fluff and effectiveness)

    Veteran squad - Demolitions, 3 meltaguns

    Total 430

    So what to do with those remaining 70pts? Well I've been looking into various things, including characters like Al-Raheem and Bastonne, as well as Commisars and Ratlings, and even the storm-troopers if I can fit 'em in - although I'd be unsure on how to use storm troopers, so help would be appreciated there.

    All suggestions welcome, just remember rules and fluff.


    P.S I had also thought about getting rid of the 2 plasma guns on the PCS to give me 100pts instead... the PCS was just going to sit behind the infantry and heavy weapons and issue orders anyway, thoughts on that, and if I were to get rid, suggestions for 100pts?

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    give the PCS 4 grenade launchers instead, drop the vox since their orders aren't so useful after all.
    Kit the CCS as much as possible, since the free 4 veterans are a great thing. Since you're going as low as 500 points, 4x GL would fit here too. Otherwise when you scale up, 4 plasmaguns will be nice. Drop a GL if you want a vox (but read below carefully if you want to keep this).
    Which leads us to the Infantry squad. First of all, drop at least one vox and combine them. 2x 10 guards will melt as snow under sun.
    At the actual setup the voxes are utterly useless because you won't have anything useful to cast "Bring it down" and "fire at my target" orders (you'll basically use PCS orders instead)
    So you have 2 routes: Grab 2 heavy weapons and stand still (missile launchers are nice for duality at this point level) or grab 2 Grenade Launchers and keep moving.
    Veterans squad with demolitions is effective only when it has a ride. You'd better swap it out for forward sentries, give them 3x GL and stick them in cover.

    Why so many Grenade launchers? well, because at 500pts you won't likely see anything tougher than av12 (uh, swap the Heavy bolters for missile launchers if you have spare points) but you will see a lot of marines (T4 vs S6 of kraks = wounds on 2+) and anyway 13-16 small blasts will cause enough hits to put on their kneels every opponent.

    so to recap

    CCS, 4x GL 70p

    PCS 4x GL 50p

    IS1 1x GL 55p
    IS2 1x GL 55p
    (combine these 2)

    HWT with 3x missiles 90p

    Veterans, forward sentries, 3x GL 115p

    which leaves us with 65pts to spend to reach 500
    which is exactly the cost of a SWS with 3x GL and a melta bomb for a sergeant in the IS (if you're scared of heavy armor which is unlikely to happen).

    For free i will give you the rough summary of an average game you'll have

    Your opponent will fire at your HWT, killing 1 model per turn to force you a morale check: provide them enough room to flee one turn and try if possible to keep the CCS nearby to try "Get back in the fight".
    Your CCS and PCS will be the next in the list, or maybe the veterans if they are too close to the enemy.
    Without HWT and CCS/PCS grenades you'll have lost more than half of your firepower.

    I do suggest you to take 2-3 scout sentinels with multilasers. You can scout them, outflank them, but more importantly they will be on top of the enemy priority list and gives you a couple more turns to fire your missiles (and march forward to grab cover with your guards)
    I don't use Vendettas or Valks...if Guardsmen were meant to fly, the Emperor would have given them wings. (343rd Mordian)
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