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    Converting Plasma Servitors?

    Like many eager Inquisitorial GK players, I aim to field 3 Plasma Cannon Servitors. So, how to convert them... I was thinking I'd cut the barrel and coil off of a Plasma Gun, then attach them to the front and side (respectively) of a Servitor Heavy Bolter (minus the HB barrel of course).

    Question is, though, is the front end of a Plasma Gun big enough to look passable on the end of a Servitor Heavy Bolter?

    If you own a Plasma Gun and a Heavy Bolter Servitor, compare the guns- does this idea have merit?

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    If you own a stormraven or can have a word with someone in your gaming group that does then they have 2 plasma cannon to go on the top turret and often players will arm them with other weapons. You only get the stubby front end but it is a lot bigger than the business end of a plasmagun. The heavy bolter on the servitor may need bulking up a bit to accept the larger front end.

    Alternatively get some plasma cannon from the sentinel kits. Again have a work with guard players who have sentinels with ML/AC.
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