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    BA Razorspam vs. Drop Pod Spam- Thought experiment.

    I was delving into the BA codex today and was debating the merits of taking either of these builds at 2k:

    3 Baals
    3 AC/LC preds
    5 LC/PG razors w/ 5 assault marines w/ MG and PW
    Mephy as HQ


    3 Furiosos w/ MG/HF/BT's in pods
    3 HS Dreads w/ HF/MM/BF in pods
    6 pods with 5 assault marines w/ MG and PW
    HQ of choice (wasn't sure which would maximize, libby?)

    Both lists are less than 2000 so there's some room for creativity. What I was asking more experienced BA players was, what they would rather take as an all-comers list. 12-13 drop pods vs 6 preds and 5 razors with mephy getting free cover to fly behind. Lots of armor either way. I do worry about the free KP's in the drop pod list though.....

    Thoughts? I yield the floor.

    "They have us surrounded? Good! Now we can fire in every direction; those bastards won't get away this time!"
    -Chesty Puller

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    I'm not a fan of pod lists precised for the free KPs, and the lack of mobility once you're on the ground. If you're looking for a BA deepstriking list, it really needs to be a DoA type of army.

    BA Mech spam is pretty good - what I suggest though is looking into Assault Cannon spam. It's a scary gun, and the BA can fit a stupid number of them into an army list.

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    Why choose between them? I sometimes run a couple fire-support Razorback squads with a four-Pod offense in only a 1500 list and it works fine against most opponents.

    A few general pointers on BA Pod tactics.

    Don't put the heavy Dreads in Pods; they're more useful in a fire support role and shine when fielded alongside Razorbacks.

    With mech lists being so popular, a Furioso will find a grapple more useful than a flamer. Fists are more versatile than Talons and extra armor is always worth taking.

    Use ten-man Assault Squads. Podders rarely get the charge so Priests and Chappies are less important than the second special weapon. The best way to include characters in a Pod list is with Honor Guard or bikers.

    I get good results pairing Pod Dreads with Pod Squads. Dreads are immune to antipersonnel fire; the squads don't fear melta spam. Unless the enemy makes a very determined effort, at least one of the two will endure.

    Speaking of characters, Astorath is the most useful HQ in a 2k list. Red Thirst is a useful leadership buff to Pod troops. Astorath himself can be fielded as a troubleshooter by attaching him to a jump Assault Squad. This helps counter Pod-related movement issues, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Shrike
    I do worry about the free KP's in the drop pod list though.
    Fear not! They're only 'free' if the enemy's antitank units have time to kill a non-threatening other words, after all of your own units in the area are dead. Meanwhile, those empty Pods can be used to contest objectives, block movement... even their storm bolters can be used to kill those pesky sole survivors or glance light armor. They're also a much safer deployment option than Descent of Angels against enemies with blast templates; having that deployment zone lets you spread your men out AND still be able to shoot! Maybe even with a cover save, instead of standing in the open. Just because Pods are immobile and lightly armed doesn't mean they're liabilities.
    "My tanks have names, my men have numbers." -Col. Edmund Grahvess, 23rd Kronecker Prison Guard

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    I definatly dont like pure pod-spam mainly because what said earlier about the lack of mobility when you hit the ground. However, planting a pod or two on objectives or near a tank can really mix things up. I would go with Razorbacks primarily, with drop pod support where needed. I personally like the idea of mixing the two lists a little. Can you make a list incorperating the Dreads in Pods (which I love), with preds, supporting the troops in razors?

    Kendo's DA's, Eldar, and stuff WIP
    Dark Angels: W-22 D-4 L-5 High Elves W-8 L-1

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