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Thread: Lascannons

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    So, I'm still building my list up and wondering just where to put my lascannons. To summarize, I tend to play against a Black Templar army with lots of terminators and Land Raiders, a Necron list with 2 Monoliths, a Kan/Deff Dread list, and Dark Eldar in tons of transports. I tend to think I need lascannons in my list.

    My question is whether I should have a few heavy weapons teams with lascannons, or for just 15 more points, just add some Vendetta's? I already have two Vendetta's and now I'm realizing that even with a bunch of leman russes, they're going to be targets pretty quickly. Maybe 4 of these birds on the table would be so much better?

    Any thoughts as to what I should do? I'll have to post in the list section a little later with my ideas for a full list...

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    With Vendettas you can use the scout move to do a lot to prevent the enemy from targetting them. Set them up centrally and move them to the side of the board that doesn't have the bulk of his AT weapons in the scout phase. Since they have 48 inch range they can still hit half the board which is funny.

    They are hands down the best lascannon platforms but I would suggest hydras + meltaguns should also be in your thinking. The Hydras are plain dirty vs DE boats and will burn through the Kans pretty easily too. VS the monoliths and land raiders the melta guns are much more reliable than the lascannons. Yes you can penetrate on a roll of a 6 but once you factor in smoke launcher saves and whatnot the odds of killing AV14 with lascannons is poor at best. Assault cannons have better odds which says a lot. Ironically, Lascannons are very good vs AV12 and below.

    But still, "When it doubt, shoot it with a melta gun" is a motto to live by.
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    Two HW squads with a CCS babysitter will work fine enough if the rest of your list is mostly mech, but a defensive blob squad would probably work better. Terminators, Necrons and DE can all put out enough shooting to kill an HWS quickly, and an infantry blob will be able to endure those early Ork charges.

    Something else to consider is using your third FA slot for a pair of Hellhounds. Orks and DE hate the inferno cannon and the hull multi-melta will see lots of use. The Hounds' being fast will make them as resistant to close combat as anything the Guard can offer.

    Yet another idea is combining a Priest with Demovets. Ten meltabombs with rerolls to hit can kill any armor...even one-shotting a Kan squadron, if they're lucky. And that's not counting the demo charge itself.
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    Even necrons are now vulnerable to Hellhound fire because their normal warriors have a carapace armour equivilant save, making killing the whole squad in one shot (and thus negating their reanimation protocol) much easier.
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