Hi All,

I'm planning to start marines for the first time ever and wanted to use normal marines and make my own chapter, not using any cheesy rules or codexes like blood angels or space wolves. I wanted to avoid being rail-roaded into the whole 3x 5missilefang lists, etc... I do however love forgeworld, and my local store is always happy for forgeworld models to be used, as long as they have the WH40K stamp in the imperial armour books. So here it is.

Librarian + Terminator armour with storm shield - Nullzone + Vortex of doom

5x Assault Terminators, 3x Storm and thunder hammers, 2x twin lightning claws
5x Assault Terminators, 3x Storm and thunder hammers, 2x twin lightning claws (split in 2 squads to get an extra sergeant)
1x Siege Dreadnaught with Flamestorm cannon

10x Tactical Marines + Plasma Cannon + Meltagun + Combi-melta
10x Tactical Marines + Plasma Cannon + Meltagun + Combi-melta + Rhino
10x Scouts + 10xCamo cloaks, 4 snipers, 1 missile launcher, 5 melee weapons

Fast Attack
1x Caestus Assault Ram
1x Caestus Assault Ram
1x Lucius Assault Pattern Dreadnaught Drop-Pod

1x Deathwind Drop-Pod
1x Deathwind Drop-pod

For those who don't know the FW rules i'll briefly outline them here, hopefully without breaking any rules.

Caestus Ram - Land raider that flies, (13 armour), has 4x large template one use missiles and a large template MELTA gun, terminators can assault from it, and can carry more than 5 term armoured bodies.

Siege Dred - Dred with +d6 to penetrate and a str6ap3 flamer. (and a 2nd heavy flamer)
Lucius assault pattern drop - Drop pod for dreadnaught that you can assault out of first turn.

Deathwind drops - Drop pods with whirlwind missile launchers in them, when they first drop they fire d3 large templates at EVERY unit within 12", friend or foe. After that they only fire once per turn, but you choose who and where.

Basic Strategy

Every 10 man unit splits into combat squads, scouts infiltrate to distract people, if shot at G2G for 2++ to waste the enemy's time. Tactical marines spread out to take objectives while one mobile melta squad uses rhino to scout ahead. If i get 1st turn I send the siege dread podding next to a priority tank and pretty much 100% kill it. If I get 2nd turn the siege dread waits, and instead the deathstorms go down to thin some ranks and distract the enemy. Meanwhile the terminator squads split up and hop in a Caestus each, one with the libby, to go hunt. Any nasty shenningans like a Drago wing will be Magna-melta killed by the rams, before the terminators pop out. Nullzone is used 90% of the time, while the vortex is there just in case... or if a nasty tank pops up.