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    I'm having trouble wrapping my head around this one....

    So, the weirdest thing occured to me and I thought it couldn't possibly be true until I actually looked it up.

    A 5 man Purgatin squad with 4 incinerators and a Razorback with psybolt amuition costs 150 points.

    A 5 girl Retributer squad with 4 heavy flamers in an immolator costs 230.

    So, the grey knights get a fistful of rules, +1 S on their HFlamers and TLHB, can pass a psy-test to ignore shaken/stunned, +1 on their S/T/I, and leader with SB and Force weapon for 80 points cheaper than us?

    I... what? I don't even...

    Where's this points difference coming from? Do we pay that outstanding premium of stats, gear, rules, and points for a 50-50 shot at rending? What am I missing here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikbuh View Post
    Where's this points difference coming from?
    1) The immolator is absurdly overcosted - 25 points to reroll wounds with a heavy bolter, I think not.

    2) The heavy flamers are overcosted because Cruddace just mindlessly matched the price with the IG dex.

    3) It's an ashcan codex.

    4) Purgation squads have this weird discount thing going on. Note how they get close combat weapons cheaper than strike squads despite being no worse in combat. It's a ward dex, he probably had a quota of 1 or more free items per unit that he had to fill - the other basic squads pay 20 for them.

    5) GW makes money selling books and models - to promote each new line and make more money they make each codex a little better than the last (or try to, Cruddace can't even get that right). Sisters don't have a codex to sell, and are made up of 10 year old back stock. It is therefore their lot in life to occupy the arse-end of the power curve, lest they draw players away from more profitable armies. GKs are at the other end of the curve with the task of drawing players away from the various marine dexes.

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