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    first grey knight 1k list

    ok kinda new to this read forums and other list and cam up with this as a starter list comments suggestions appreciated

    borther castellan crowe 150 points

    1 purifier squad ( from crowe as normally elite) 120 points

    1 terminator squad with a psycannon terminator + 25 (for the range attack)

    rhino 40 points ( give purifier squad move ability)

    fast attack
    grey knight interceptor squad 130 points (give me some umph up the field, not 100% on this so please gimme another option )

    heavy support
    dreadnought 115
    dreadknight heavy psycannon n great sword 190 points

    so thats me list

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    okay, so i can see a couple of big problems with your lost. I'll go through it section by section.

    Crowe is generally used only if you intend to take a good number of purifier squads. seen as you only have one then i think that there are better options, such as an inquisitor. you could also take a GM or libby, but remember that in these smaller pointed games, then they wont be as effective, just because they cost too much. for larger games, then these guys are really good though, so you shouldn't discount them.

    purifier squad should go, unless you plan on making a purifier army.

    terminators are generally seen as worse than strikes. I would swap them out for strikes in rhinos or razorbacks. The general builds are:

    10 strikes w/ 2x psycannons, hammer, rhino and maybe psybolts.
    5 strikes w/ psycannon, RB (either with psybolts and HB, assault cannon or las/plas)

    fast attack
    interceptor squads arent really that great, especially at lower points. i would just drop them totally. there are better places to get psycannons and storm bolters.

    heavy support
    dreadnought needs some upgrades. the best for long range support (which is generally where a lot of lists are lacking) is 2x autocannons and psybolts. MM are also goo if you plan to advance into the midfield.

    dreadknights are alright but i think they need to have a teleporter, and a heavy incinerator.

    so, if you want to use crowe and purifiers then this is a good list

    Castelan Crowe

    purifiers x10
    halberd x6
    master-crafted deamonhammer x1
    psycannon x2
    psycannon x2

    purifiers x5
    psycannon x2
    halberd x3
    master-crafted deamon hammer x1
    razorback w HB and psybolt ammo

    Purifiers x5
    Psycannon x2
    halberd x3
    master-crafted deamonhammer x1
    razorback w HB and psybolt ammo

    2x TLAC w psybolt ammo

    points off the top of my head but i think thats 1000.

    if you don't want to go the purifier spam route then the following is a pretty solid list:


    10 strikes w/ 2x psycannons, hammer, psybolts, rhino,
    6x strikes w/ psycannon,razorback w/ psybolts
    5x strikes w/psycannon, razorback w/ psybolts
    2x psyfleman

    that allows you to expand easily up towards 1500 as you can buy henchman, or upgrade cotez to a libby and buy some pallies/termies to support him.

    hope that helps

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    A 1k list I'm running with a doubles partner in a local 2000pts per army tournament is this:

    Librarian: Level Three, Nemesis Warding Stave, 2 servo skulls. Psychic Powers: (Librarian's turn) Quicksilver, Might of Titan, (enemy turn) Sanctuary, Shrouding......270pts

    5-man Strike Squad: Justicar has mastercrafted halberd, squad has psycannon, daemonhammer, halberd, falchions, and has a Rhino. 180pts

    8-man Terminator squad: psycannon, Banner, Nemesis Warding Stave (Justicar), 2 Daemonhammers, Halberd, Falchions, psybolt ammunition.......415pts (Librarian joins this unit)

    Dreadnought: 2x twin-linked autocannons, psybolt ammunition.....135pts

    Total: 1000pts dead.

    My doubles partner takes a Grand Master with orbital strike, psycannon and mastercrafting on all his weapons. 2x 5-man Terminator units with Banner, 2 Halberds, psycannon. 5 Paladins with Banner, mounted in Stormraven, a standard and a venerable Dreadnought, both with twin-linked autocannons and psybolt ammunition. (Can't remember his precise upgrades but his list is 997pts IIRC). The two lists complemented each other nicely against Nids yesterday, and have a fearsome output of firepower.

    A point about taking characters: check out if you can do better by taking a standard IC and buying him various wargear. My doubles partner was fielding Draigo, but when we discovered that a Grand Master could actually be made more effective for the same points friend Draigo was dropped in favour of the new guy.

    "Tau Commandment #226: Participants who use Velocity Trackers in the Tau Clay Pigeon Tournament will be disqualified"

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