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    WIP Librarian Special Character

    I thought I would have a go at banging out a Special Character for the LO Comp. Played straight from the codex entry (ie unSpecial-ed) costs him at 225 points. Minor Powers are somewhat remembered from optional rules in a White Dwarf in early 3rd (-ish).

    Recorder Derav Ohr of the Twilight Guard Chapter, 4th Company
    - Codex: Space Marine Librarian (epistolary)
    - Type: Bike
    - +1 Wound
    - Power Armour, Psychic Hood, Frag Grenades
    - Force Glaive (Major Power: Force Weapon)
    - Storm Shield
    - Major Power: Null Zone
    - Sense Shadow in the Warp (Minor Power): Psychic Test before rolling reserves each turn; If facing Tyranids, grants +1 on reserve roll for one player turn. Can be suppressed by effects similar to Psychic Hoods.
    - Astropathic Conduit (Minor Power): Psychic test before rolling reserves each turn; Until end of turn, model gains effect of a Locator Beacon. Can be suppressed by effects similar to Psychic Hoods.
    - Space Marine Bike
    - Astartes Grenade Launcher
    - ATSKNF, Combat Tactics, Independent Character, Psyker

    270 Points
    (I'd be delighted if that were deemed too high)

    *Others may use these characters in the short story contest. I am planning to myself, in addition to the short fluff piece for Ohr himself. The below notes my thinking on the staus quo.

    The Twilight Guard 4th Company is assigned a Response/Reconnaissance role, based aboard the Twilight Guard Strike Cruiser "Bastion of Vigilance." Currently operating in and around the Sagittarius Arm (Segmentum Ultima).
    The 4th Company Tactical and Devastator squads typical deploy as mechanised infantry supported by Squads VII and VIII on Bikes and Attack Bikes. Attached to the group is a Sternguard Veteran squad and a group of 10th Company Scouts under the wing of Chaplain Indarus.
    4th Company is without a Captain due to recent battlefield circumstances; the Company Command squad is transporting their Captain's body for internment in the Chapter Fortress-Monastery. First Sergeant Galer Rynn - Sternguard squad leader and ex-Death Watch member - holds operational control for the interim.

    Suggestions and Feedback sought after and welcomed.

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    Your basic Libby Bike and Epistolary clocks off at 185 points. The Storm Shield without a Terminator armour is +15 points on Command Squad and such, so I'd say lets go with that. Auxiliary GL is +15 points on Captain. Astropathic Conduit is basically a Locator Beacon (+25 points), but since its Psychic Power and can fail or be blocked, I'd say its more like +15 points. That would be 230 points total. So the question is how much is the cost of 1 more wound on a T4(5) model without an Eternal Warrior and another psychic power which only works against Tyranids? For comparison Attack Bike gets Heavy Bolter, +1A and +1W over normal bike for just +15 points, so I'd say the cost of extra wound for your Libby is maybe +10 points.

    The fair total cost for your character is 240 to 250 points. 270 is obviously too high, there is no way a very situation power and one more wound would be worth +40 points.
    Last edited by Polaria; March 25th, 2012 at 10:12.
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    He seems underpowered, actually. Almost as if he's intended to be a Scout Bike Librarian, only with powers redundant with the sergeant's beacon option. You should replace the 'Sense Shadows' power with something more, uh, colorful. Something that brings out Derav's uniqueness.

    Why doesn't the fluff paragraph mention Derav?
    "My tanks have names, my men have numbers." -Col. Edmund Grahvess, 23rd Kronecker Prison Guard

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    He's fine as he is. No changes really needed. What he is is a support unit who is an army buffer for reserves. In that respect, he is actually quite good.

    I'd price him at 250pts.
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