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    My space marine project, Ultramarine 5th company strike force.

    Hy, i have been playing 40K for quite a while now but i never really painted any of my models, I was tired of playing with old rusted models and I decided to start a new army and paint it. I choose the Ultramarine, the 5th company to be precise.

    Fluff wise, since i field more dread than the codex states the 5th has, i decided to entomb Captain Galenus into a dreadnought. After a difficult campaign to defend Espandor, all the command squad of the 5th got blow up by a rogue missile during a raid, only Galenus barely survived. With the 1st sergeant gone(according to novels, The fall of damnos in particular, command squad where lead by the company 1st sergeant ) replacement for Galenus came from the 1st company. Brother Sextus Quintus rose from the 1st to the 5th captaincy. The longest serving tactical sergeant rose to command the company squad, to brother sergeant decius fell that honor.

    Paint wise, I choose to keep the command squad shoulder trim gold, and put the top crest of the helmet of the captain white to denote veterancy as he come from the 1st company, i did the same with 1st sergeant decius to denote veterancy in the 5th and the chain of command as he is Quintus second in command. My 2 tacticals have regulars 5th company black shoulder trims, i bought a set of ultramarines shoulders pads and decided to paint the U black to denote again the company color. I dispersed them in both squad with a few left over from my command squad and captain multi-part box to denote special weapon and heavy weapon marines. I tried to keep it simple as it is my first painting project.

    I intend to get more mini in time, maybe full battle company strength but for now i focus on getting what i will play with most. Any comment or pointers apreciated but keep in mind that even though i play since 1992 this is my first painted minis.

    thks in advance356.jpg386.jpg383.jpg381.jpg378.jpg374.jpg370.jpg368.jpg365.jpg364.jpg362.jpg359.jpg358.jpg388.jpg


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    Very very nice work.My only comment (although i dont know if this has credence since i cant tell from the pics) is to throw in a couple of washes to 'mesh' the colours together.
    Praise be to the Emperor!!

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