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    Leg bitz / money saving tips?

    The other day I saw legs for regular guardsmen on a bitz retailer's site, for 80 cents (American) and I wondered how many extra guardsmen could be made from infantry or comand sprues if you bought some more legs. Does anyone have experience with this kind of thing? How much would international (America to Canada) shipping cost? Do you save enough for it to be worth it? Also though I would ask about any other misc. money saving tips anyone has for what is undoubtedly one of the most expensive armies in 40k.

    Thanks guys, all answers appreciated

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    from a regular infantry sprue you can make 2 more guards (if you get 2 torsoes too!)

    from a command squad sprue you should be able to assemble a couple more officiers (because the officiers torsoes are usually provided in 3x variants but you use only 1)

    the "only" bits that are really worthwile to buy are:
    1. crouched legs, to add variety to your models
    2. Tripods for heavy weapons. Provided that you have spare infantry models, you can assemble 4 heavy weapons platforms: mortar, with the bipod provided, missile launcher (just 2 infantry models, standing are ok), autocannon with the provided tripod, Lascannon with a spare tripod, Heavy bolter with another spare tripod. To recap: 1 HWT sprue + 2 tripods + 3 large bases + 6 spare infantry = 4x heavy weapons. The spare LC / HB dudes won't be directly manning the gun, but who cares?
    3. plastic meltaguns and plasmaguns. They are SO RARE to get on default sprue (only 1 in the command box) so be sure to grab them when you see a deal.
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    Unless you're on a tight budget or have a specific modeling interest then bits-patching won't save enough cash to be worth the effort. Multiple shipping costs alone can eat up the savings. My suggestion is to watch eBay and similar sites for damaged, horribly painted and/or badly assembled models that you can buy at a discount and rework.

    One way to kitbash meltaguns is to cannibalize Russ multimelta sponsons. Just snip each of the two barrels off the pivot and splice them onto chopped-down lasguns. The scale is slightly off but not too much. You can also make plasma guns by attaching the front half of plasma pistols to the rear half of bolters but this doesn't look as good.
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