So I have this character in mind and when I explained him to a guy at the local game store he said he was to powerfull but I thought he was good to go. Well I thought I would post him here and get some other opinions. I know y'all know way more about this stuff than I do. Well he is as follows, I could not think of a good sounding Salamander name so I took my name and spelled it backwards.

Captain Siv'art (Siv-yart)
Points - 185

6 5 4 4 4 5 3 10 3+/4+

Wargear Special Rules
power armor - And They Shall Know No Fear
Forge Hammer - Combat Tactics
Bolt Pistol - Independant Character
Frag Krak grenades - Soul Of Prometheus
Hide of Baron (Iron Halo)
Chalice of Fire

Forge Hammer - This Hammer is used to forge the sarcophagus for the fallen brothers of the chapter. There is no metel it can't bend with out the proper aplication of strength. Its a power weapon that grants +1 to Strength and 2d6 for armor penatration.

Hide of Baron - Baron was a massive drake of their homeworld and its hide is drapped over the shoulders of its slayer. It confers a 4+ inv save.

Chalice of Fire - This auxiliary flamer built into the gauntlet of Captain Siv'art is named after the Forge Ship left behind by the Primarch ages ago. It took many decades to craft and is still worked on to keep it in working condition. It is light and can be used to throw up a wall of fire in the assault phase as long as he did not fire it in the shooting phase. It is a flamer that can be fired along with any other weapon. Wall of fire makes the first unit assaulting take a leader ship test if failed their Initiative is lowered to 2 if not lower.

Soul of Prometheus - Captain Siv'art was at one point considered to become a Chaplain but instead was placed in the command squad. Over the years he has not changed much his devotion to the Promethean cult inspires those around him and he too fights harder. He has been witnessed on many occasions charging into what would ultimately be his death only to come out on top. He and the squad he joins gains furious charge and fearless, but only when he is with a squad.

So this is what I have come up with I have yet to use him in a battle but let me know what y'all think.