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    Grey Kights army sale advice from GK players please

    Ok so I have decided to sell some of my armies and I am going to start with my Grey Knights. I have posted this here for opinion because its where GK players/fans come (obviously) and I will post it in the for sale page later. I hope the Mods will leave it here for a while so I can get some opinions .

    Thing is I have never sold an army before and I need some pricing advice.

    Some details then, the army is painted and mostly based but could probably do with some base touching up. The army is painted to a decent standard, I never paint to win painting awards but to put a nice army on the table. This army looks nice on the table, let me restate this is not the usual “pro painted” misleading sales pitch, this is a nicely painted table top gaming army.

    All the models apart from the vehicles and Dreads are the superior metal models. I have priced up the equivalent models on the GW website and you would have to pay about £550 for the models and this is for plastic terminators and Grey Knights.

    Included in the army are over 20 mixed models I acquired from a friend. These are either quite poorly painted or not painted; however all the models are metal and are easily striped. Included in the 20 models are 5 GK terminators (one with incinerator) and 10 Grey Knights with one incinerator). I could probably get £150+ just for these but I am throwing them in with the army.

    I have also included a Tech marine (the £12 full harness one) with 5 Servitors (all unpainted white metal).

    Here is a list of everything in the army with the GW price for reference.

    Land Raider Crusader £41.00
    Chimera £20.50
    5 Grey Knight Terminators £28.00
    5 Grey Knight Terminators £28.00
    2 x Grey Knight Brother Captains £24.60
    10 Grey Knights £20.50
    2 Grey Knight incinerators £19.50
    Grey Knight psycannon £8.70
    Grey Knight Dread (FW) £34.50
    Dreadnought £28.00
    Cotez £10.50
    Rhino £18.50
    2 x Grey Knight Brother champions £16.40

    3 x Inquisitors

    3 x Assassins (Eversor x2 & Vindicare) £24.60
    1 x Grey Knight brother captain (con) £12.30
    Missionary with chainsword £7.20
    2 x daemon hosts £15.40
    1 x techmarine with 5 servitors £25.50
    6 x warrior acolytes £36.90
    Preacher with chainsword £7.20
    3 x Cherubs £18.00
    10 Grey Knights one with incinerator £41.00
    4 x acolyte models Unsure as to value but metal
    2 x Servo skulls Unsure as to value but metal

    5 x partially painted GK terminators one with incinerator


    2 x GK terminators unpainted
    Total £547.40

    So given the fact the army is mostly expensive metal models, is nicely painted and totals over £500 worth of models I think something around the £650 mark would be reasonable. Am I way of here either over valued or under-valued. I am willing to consider an offer for this army but please remember I do have access to e-bay etc so I do have some idea of what is a decent offer, so no £200 offers please. I also have a massive standard Marine army (workmanlike paint job, it was my first big painted army)and assault themed Tyranid army (mostly painted)for sale if anyone is interested.

    Any reasonable offer will be considered for all the armies and I can send better pictures via e-mail.



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    I would say that most armies selling on ebay, if they are painted to a table-top quality or worse, would go from 50%-65% of retail value. An unpainted army or an army with a decent table-top paint job may go for 65%-90% of retail. And an army with a good table-top quality paintjob (like yours) will probably go for 90%-120% of retail. The problem is, with such a large force like your army, that there's going to be some models in it that people don't really want/care for. That'll probably knock the actual value down by 10-15% IMO. Good luck.
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