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    Spacewolves supplemental: 13th company, testers wanted

    Me and a few others are working on a supplemental codex for the Spacewolves that are known as the 13th company. And as it stands now we would like to have some peolpe be so kind and test it out.
    So with this post i would like to ask if some of you would take the time and test what we have at this moment.

    Araith's & Spacefrisian's combined version - The Bolter and Chainsword : A 40k Space Marine Resource
    Link to the original.
    Special rules:

    All special rules regarding Spacewolves found on page 24, also apply to the 13th company, with the exclusion of leaders of the pack found on pag 81, 2 Wolfpriests may have the same equipment, as they are more busy leading their Wulfkin in straight paths than to check what weapons their fellow Wolfpriests are carrying.

    Reavers: Units with the Reavers special rule have the Move Through Cover and Scouts special rule, with one restriction. Only up to half the units (we need to figure out who and what may use it to outflank)

    Ancient Fued: Preffered enemy against 1000 sons and visa versa (we need to figure out what we count as 1000 sons in order to make this work)

    Special Wargear:
    Broken power armour: 4+ armour save

    Wolf Lord/ Battle leader: 100 points 0-1
    Wolf lord Statts as per codex Spacewolves,

    Mark of the Wulfen making Wulfen troops?

    Rune Priest: 100 points, statts and wargear options as per codex Spacewolves 0-1

    Gate "rough idea"
    Gate: A very powerfull psychic ability that only few Spacewolves Runepriests can perform and even than its not fully save to use it, in order to take this psychic power a Rune priest must be upgraded to Master of the runes, only than has he acces to this power. This power is used at the start of the Spacewolves moving phase and if succesfull allows the Rune priest and any unit he is with to be removed from the table and placed anywhere within 24" of his starting point, alternativly he may use this power to transport d3 additional units within 6" of his starting position, this requires a 2nd psychic test.
    This is however more dangerously when making this 2nd test he has -1 Ld (as it requires more concentration) and any model in the unit the Runepriest isnt without risks of being exposed to the warp, any model must make a dangerous terrain check.

    In any case all units use the rules for deepstriking.

    Note: Modyfiers/abilties to counter psychic powers are done at his starting position not his final in regards to his 2nd test.

    Shadow-walker Saga (Runepriest only) 15 points
    The Rune Priests of the 13th Company have learned to pass between worlds, shifting between the physical plane and the astral plane with no more difficulty than it would take to enter a room, and it is not uncommon for these priests to bring along their brethren, allowing the 13th Company to launch lightning-quick raids deep into the heart of the enemy territory almost without warning and without detection. The most powerful of these priests are able to open rifts large enough to bring entire warbands through, using their powers to light a beacon upon which their brethren can use to guide their way.
    A Rune Priest with this Saga may elect to arrive via Deep Strike, bringing along with him a selection of warriors and packs. The Rune Priest and up to half your units (rounding up) may be held off the table, to arrive on your first turn, deploying thus:

    The Rune Priest is placed on the table, as per the normal Deep Strike rules. Every unit to be deployed in this manner is then placed within 18" of the Rune Priest and scatters as per the normal Deep Strike rules, but may re-roll the scatter dice.
    Wolf Priest: 0-2 100 points, statts and options as per SW codex
    Added special: Hes the only HQ option able to be attached to a Wulfen pack, While attached they are not subject to rage.

    Lone Wolves
    (3 lone wolves for 1 slot, they do not need to be place together)

    Wulfen: 25 points per model
    Ws:5 Bs: 0 S:5 T:4 W:1 I:5 A: 2+1 Ld:10 Sv 4+
    Warden of the Lost: 50 points
    Ws: 5 Bs: 4 S:4 T:4 W:1 I:4 A:2 Ld:10 Sv: 3+

    size: 5/10 wulfen

    Wulfen: Teeth and claws, broken power armour
    Warden of the lost: Boltpistol, close combat weapon, power armour, frag& krak grenades

    Special rules: Fleet, rending, rage, furious charge

    Options: the unit may have a Warden of the Lost for 50 points, when the option is taken they lose the rage special rule as long as he lives furthermore the unit gains the following special rules while the Warden of the lost lives.
    -Feel no pain
    -Re-rolls to hit on the turn they charge
    The Warden of the lost does not benefit from the Rending special rule.
    Warden of the lost may exchange his Boltpistol and or close combat weapon for:
    -Stormbolter, combi flamer/ plasma/ melta....5 points
    -plasmapistol, power weapon, wolfclaw.........15 points
    -Powerfist..................................................20 points
    -Thunder hammer......................................25 points
    May take Meltabombs at 5 points.

    Iron Smith 80 points
    Ws:5 BS:4 S:4 T:4 W:1 A:3 Ld:10 Sv:2+/5++
    Stormclaw Terminator: 35 points each
    Ws:4 BS:4 S:4 T:4 W:1 A:2 Ld:9 Sv:2+/5++
    Size: 1 Ironsmith, 0-4 Stormclaw terminators
    Iron Smith: Terminator armour, thunder hamer, stormshield
    Stormclaw terminator: Terminator armour, power weapon, storm bolter.
    Special rules:
    Forged in fire and ice: all weapons in the unit are master crafted, the Iron smith also has feel no pain against all weapons that use the flamer template.

    Each Stormclaw may replace its powerweapon for:
    -Wolf claw....5 points
    -powerfist or frostblade...10 points
    -thunderhammer.....15 points
    Each Stormclaw may replace its stormbolter for:
    -Combi-/ flamer/ plasma/ melta..... 5 points
    -Wolfclaw.... 10 points
    -Stormshield or powerfist.... 15 points
    1 model may exchange its stormbolter for:
    -Autocannon......15 points
    -Heavy flamer....5 points
    Or take a cyclone launcher at 25 points

    Grey Slayers (greyhunters with +1 A and +1 Ld), 18 points per Greyslayer
    1 special per 5 (melta-5 points, flamer-free, plasma-10 points,
    1 model may exchange their close combat weapon for: powerweapon- 15 points, powerfist-20points)

    Fenrisian Wolves 8 points each (Statts as per codex Spacewolves, no cyberwolves upgrades, can outflank)

    Storm claw Bikers: 30 points each,
    Statts Ws:4 Bs:4 S:4 T:4(5) W:1 I:4 A:2 Ld:9 Sv:3+ .
    - 3-10
    - bikes, ccw & pistol
    - 1 special per 5, (melta-5 points, flamer-free, plasma-10 points, powerweapon- 15 points, powerfist-20points)
    - Skilled Riders, Scout move (cannot be used to outflank)
    -May add 1 Attack bike for 45 points, that can be further upgraded with a Multimelta at 10 points (+1 W&A in regards to normal swiftclaw biker.)

    Thunderwolf Cavalry: points/statts/wargear as per Spacewolf codex.

    Longfangs: as per codex Space wolves but with Bs 5 instead (18 points per model)
    Pending: Heavy bolters have 3 types of ammo: (10 points)
    R:24" S:5 Ap:4 Assault 2
    R:36" S:5 Ap:4 Heavy 3
    R:36" S: X Ap:- Heavy 1, blast, poisoned (2+)

    Warp Wulf: 110 points
    Some of the Wulfen manage to survive countless battles and as such only tend to grow in size, in rare occasions when this happens they become a valuable asset to the 13th company as they become able to tear anything apart with their bare hands or mouth.
    Ws:6 BS: 0 S:6 T:6 W:3 I:5 A:4 LD:10 Sv:4+

    Size: 1

    Wargear: Broken power armour 4+ armour save, claws and teeth,

    Special rules: Wulfen, Rending, feel no pain, monstrous creature

    A Warp Wulf may choose to forgo their fleet move allowing them a 12” charge in the assault phase instead.

    Special characters: I place these here as well, but keep in mind that these guys had the least amount of work on them thus far.

    Torvald Stormsson: hq
    Special Character - Torvald Stormsson - The Bolter and Chainsword : A 40k Space Marine Resource
    Sternhammer "Warden of the Lost": hq
    Special Character - Sternhammer "Warden of the Lost" - The Bolter and Chainsword : A 40k Space Marine Resource
    Jorin Bloodfang: hq
    Special Character - Jorin Bloodfang - The Bolter and Chainsword : A 40k Space Marine Resource
    Skjorn the Lone hunter: elite
    Special Character: Skjorn the Lone hunter - The Bolter and Chainsword : A 40k Space Marine Resource

    When commenting/testing do keep in mind this is a rough version, this means that it might contain some mistakes here and their.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Let the galaxy burn

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