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    Escaltion League Looking for advice

    My FLGS is starting an escalation league in may. I decided to finally start a guard army. For the first month we have can only use troops and one HQ and there is a 2 troop requirement.

    So i went with
    ccs 4 plasma w/ chimera ML/HF
    2 vets 3 melta w/ chimera w/ ML/HF and HK missles

    I figure the above is a good all comers list with those restrictions, but i am open to and looking for advice. Are there any big pit falls to this list? or opponets i need to fear? Any tips on how to play it?

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    It is a good start to a mechanised guard list.

    Eventually you should be looking for 1 CCS and 3-6 veteran units all in chimeras. Then add support units to taste such as vendettas, Leman Russ, Hellhounds and deepstriking melta storm troops. Alternatively you can go for a mixed force using your current forces as the mechanised elements in a ballanced guard list then put in a platoon or two and appropiate support.

    Tactics involve either advancing 6" a turn firing with the multilaser or just pile forewards 12" popping smoke. On turn 2 you can move 6" and fire from the hatch with the special weapons and a few lasguns. Heavy flamers on the chimera hull are great in close.

    Generally never get out of the tank. Eventually the enemy will kill some chimeras and you can use orders to unpin any vets and hopefully the exposed infantry can get into nearby cover and continue the fight. On rare occasions where you want to kill enemy that are a little to far away you can move the chimera 12" and pivot 180 to put the rear hatch facing the target. Then disembark another 2-3" and blaze away with the entire squad. This gives your guys about a 26" threat range but can leave you exposed to return fire so only do it when you can enforce a victory or it is worth loosing a squad on the following turn.
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