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    Building a well rounding Space Wolves army

    I'm in the preliminary stages of creating my space wolves' army. I am thinking of weapons and upgrades but not points as this is more of a core army that I can vary depending upon the type of game I am playing.

    This is what I have at the minute; I haven't picked any weapons, yet

    HQ - Wolf Lord, Wolf Guard battle leader

    Troops - 9 Grey Hunters

    Elites - 5 Wolf Guard Terminators, 5 Wolf Scout (Snipers pack), 9 Wolf Guard

    Heavy - Vindicator

    Transport -Razorback (this can be a Rhino because I didn't glue the roof panel/weapon)

    What I'm currently going to add

    Logan Grimnar to make my Wolf Guard a troop's choice.

    This is what I'm thinking of getting (in order) to add to my army, all advice is welcome

    1) Grey Hunter with wolf standard, but I'm not sure of the benefit (P62) as its ability can only be used during 1 assault phase

    2) 5 more Wolf Guard Terminators, I'm thinking of adding 4 to my current models and making a Lone Wolf from the final 1. Also if I have 9 I could split them into 3 squads of 3 for objective games

    4) Devastator squad for Long Fangs

    5) Thunderwolf cavalry as I don't have any fast attack

    What do you think? Do I really need to add this much stuff to my army?

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    It seems to me you are gearing towards a Logan wing based army. A Logan wing list can be very powerful but is a very 'elitist' army, unless your playing grey knights you will most likely be out numbered but the things you can do with the list is pretty awesome. I would say a necessity for Logan wing is atleast one terminator in every five man squad to have a cyclone missile launcher (CML) and your units don't have to be all terminators either. My friend and I came up with a really good Logan wing list and he has yet to lose a game, albeit he had to make a minor change or two but the core of the list didn't change. This is what he runs model wise;

    Logan (obviously)
    Njal in terminator armor

    2x lone wolf terminators

    4x 5 man wolf guard with a terminator with CML
    4 man wolf guard with Arjac and three terminators

    5 man long fang squad

    He had taken out a second long fang squad for Arjac but all five troops and the heavy were all mounted in drop pods. He usually puts Logan and Njal with the longfangs for Logan's relentless ability on first turn and Njal is insane with psychic powers.

    Also the wolf standard is an awesome piece of wargear, just remember it can be activated in any assault phase and allows you to reroll ANY ones be it armor invulnerable to hit to wound and so on.

    Hope that helps a little with your planning

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