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    1250 black templars

    Just got the wild idea to play a little black templars game against my friend this week and I'm curious to see how this list will work and if there is anything I could do differently.

    EC AAC

    Castellan w/ terminator honors, claw, stormshield, melta bombs

    5 assault terminators 3 hammer, 2 claw furious charge

    Crusader squad 4 init, PF/BP, melta, 2 neophytes, rhino

    Crusader squad 4 init, PF/BP, melta, 2 neophytes, rhino

    2 land speeder tornados

    2 ac/las predators

    I'm not sure yet, but I might find the 20 points somewhere to upgrade the land speeders to typhoons.


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    Sorry if I completely tear apart your list here, but here are my suggestions anyway:

    1)Always pay the extra points for a Marshall if you want to play LD tests safe. Otherwise take a Chaplain or just have the EC(you can do this, check the FAQ through the link below). Get rid of the Terminator Honours to free enough points to make him a Marshall. LD 10 for every unit and he gets 1+ wound. But otherwise, your wargear choices here are sound, apart from the fact you're missing Frag Grenades. Always pay the 1 pt, because an entrenched unit on an objective with 4+ cover saves can mean victory or defeat.

    2)Taking Assault Terminators without a Land Raider Crusader is a very bad idea, because they become a priority target and before you know it you've lost 200 points and your best melee unit. On the other hand, an LRC is a huge point sink in a 1250 point game. One thing that *might* work is putting a Teleport Homer on the Commander, driving up in a Rhino and deepstriking them without scattering them very early in the game.

    3)Power Fists in Crusader Squads are generally terrible. If a T8 enemy charges you 1 PF attack is not going to do anything short of perhaps causing one wound in 2-3 turns of combat. BT have some absurdly cheap light AT in the form of these golden nuggets:

    A)For 85 points we get a Land Speeder Typhoon with MM. Ultramarines get a Typhoon with a Heavy Bolter for 95 points. Ill come to why these are good later. (http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_...ersion_1_1.pdf <--- our previously horrific S5 Typhoon Launchers are now the same as the Ultramarines ones)

    We can get S9 Cyclone Missile Launchers thanks to Tank Hunters. I always take a Terminator Command Squad in games of 1250+ points with the TH veteran skill and 2x CML's. Ive seen them blow up Land Raiders and pop light vehicles with ridiculous ease.

    If they are going to be close combat Crusaders use PW's instead.

    4)Replace the Tornadoes with Typhoons. The AC/HB Tornado is simply put, horrible, and the MM/HF Tornado is 10 points cheaper than an MM/Typhoon Speeder, which can put down anti-horde blasts anywhere on the board, thin out Tactical Marines and pop light vehicles.

    5)AC/LAS Predators are redundant because Typhoons and Terminator CML Tank Hunters are far more cost efficient and twice as deadly, for reasons previously explained. If you go with step 4 don't replace them, use the points to invest in things like a Holy Orb, more men for the Crusaders or perhaps a completely new Crusader Squad with Rhino.
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