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    I'm sure this has been posted before in some form but anyway, assuming they are of equal points and they almost are anyway so I think it's a valid argument.

    Which is a better heavy weapon punch? Inducted IG Iron Fist and Russ or 3 GK dreads?

    I just had a series of battles where I was owned by armour. A land raider, and even tooled out falcons. I would have done much better had I been able to destroy at least one. I had metla ST squads do nothing, even within 6". Just too little, too limited. I need something else. So I see my chances as the following.

    3 DREAD +/-s
    Can mix and match weapons to get the best combo.
    Dreads also have mobility and can even engage in cc.
    Dread BS skill

    Can be killed easily in one shot
    Low numbers

    IG +/-s
    The Russ Tank (the big reason)
    2 Chims (if you go iron fist)
    higher numbers

    bad BS skill for one heavy weapon chance
    limited mobility
    low leadership

    Personally I'm headed to some more dreads. Unless someone has experience to suggest otherwise. A total of 3 in the big games. Mobile, powerful, and the ability to do it by hand if required.

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    118 (x6)

    3 dreads or

    50 guardsmen and a few lascannons?
    (and then you can buy a Russ)

    personally i'd go IG... but perhaps my viewpoint is biased...

    but seriously, GK lack numbers and antitank
    IG w/ lascannons gives you numbers and antitank

    sure BS3 isn't as good as TL BS4
    but that's why you buy twice as much

    and besides, AV12 is a joke.

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    It's always worth having more models on the table. I've seen 3 dreads go down in one turn. For about 120 more points than 3 TLLC/ML dreads with addons, you can have a leman russ, an infantry platoon with 3 lascannons and 4 plasmaguns and an armored fist squad with a lascannon, 2 heavy bolters, and a plasmagun. Not only do you get more weapons per point this way, but they are more mobile, the russ has better range, and overall they will live a lot longer.
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