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    500 point 40k match

    I've got my first ever 40k match at the weekend. It's a beginners match at my local games workshop and is only 500 points.

    I've got Logan grimnar as a hq but I also have a wolf lord and wolf guard battle leader that I could use for my hq.
    I also have 5 scouts with 4 sniper and 1 rocket launcher, 5 wolf guard terminators all with claws, 9 grey hunters, 8 wolf guard and a lone wolf.
    A razorback/rhino and a vindicator

    My thinking is to get as many figures on the table as possible and also have as many units as possible I order to spread fire and I'm thinking that a fellow beginner my not know the kill point rule for my lone wolf.

    Am I thinking along the right lines? Or should I go small and powerful?

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    I would pass on Grimnar in a 500 point game... as with many of the named individuals, they are too many points. Terminators can be good hit force. Put that with a couple of Troops (For SW i think it is wolf guard and grey hunters right?) for objective holding and you should be solid.

    I am not a space wolf player so I do not know all of their rules. I may be off on this, but I do play a lot of Space Marines in the 500 point rance and I find diversity is good if you have at least one strong heavy hitter. But i will defer to those others that know more about Space Wolves then I do.

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