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Thread: elysians.

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    Im looking to start a new 40k army. I was looking at tau, necrons, and the elysians. I like playing things very flexibly, and i favor speed as a big bonus. Likewise, I am becoming a huge fan of the shooting phase. My old armies were all hand to hand.

    I was pretty set on tau to shoot stuff to death and fly around all willy nilly, but then i purused the forge world sight and saw the elysians. The models are all fantastic, and they look like they may suit me as well.

    The problem seems that they lack staying power hard core. All the valkyries in the world is great, but we all know 12 guardsmen wont really do much.

    I havent had a look at their book yet, but I was wondering if any one is playing them and how they are liking the army.

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    if you plan to play in tournaments, you should really play regular IG with an air-cav themed list with elysians models.

    Also, if you want to save some cash on forgeworld models, you should really take a look here:

    Corporation | Mantic Games
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    Yes the regular guard codex is probably a little more competetive. Take CCS + 3-5 veteran squads all with plenty of meltas or plasmas and all riding a rocket pod Valk or a vendetta. Adding an astropath too is great for outflanking the lot if you don't get first turn. For a bigger list you can add a platoon or some heavy support but that may not be fitting to the theme but I suppose even Elysians have to defend what they have captured so will use heavy support units on occasion.

    The IAvol8 Elysian codex is a little more specialised. All your infantry are a litle better morale wise and can deepstrike but you pay 5-10 points per squad for the privilage. Also you can take Tauros buggys and MM armed deepstriking sentinels and Valks as dedicated transports (but not vendettas which are still FA slots). Sadly there is no astropath and command squads can only have one special weapon but regula platoon squads can take democharges which can be fun.

    You could of course play a regular foot, mixed or mechanised guard list but still use Elysian figures.
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    Don't forget that also if you want a mobile shooty Guard list that Chimeras are also a great option too. I hear Air-cav (I haven't played it myself so I don't know definitively but this is what I heard anyway) is quite difficult to get right, due to the fact that right from the beginning you're dropping into extremely dangerous territory where if you're guardsmen get caught in CC they get minced (doesn't matter if you're vets with carapce armour, if marines catch you you die...). So you might also want to try out some chimera spam lists too if you fancy mobility - I don't know but I get the feeling it'd be slightly more forgiving really than Air-cav.

    My biggest peice of advice though would be to make several armies as lists, proxy the models initially, and then get those lists reviewed and try the different armies to see what you like - believe me there will be NOTHING worse than spending a crap tonne of cash on Elysians and Valks only to find your army doesn't work, you don't like it and so on - although if your heart really is set on them but you decide against air cav eventually, then i'd buy one unit, use 'em as storm-troopers or vets, put 'em in a valk, and use 'em that way - this way still gives you your Elysian fix (they really are nice models) and also allows for a different play style too

    Hope I helped - I myself am toying with an Elysian army idea, or a Death Korps of Krieg one (I suggest you check 'em out, Death Korps look awesome!)

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