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    Chimeras... What goes in them?

    I like swapping rides.

    I'll buy a chimera for a 3 man henchmen squad, and a razorback for 10 purifiers, they start the game deployed beside their alternate ride, and switch turn 1. The ubiquitous Chimera, our armor 12 makeshift bunker with lots of mid-high strength long range shots, when standing still... How do you kit out your Chimeras? Who ends up riding inside? I've tried a couple of different ideas... The five fire points are really the selling point, put a bunch of guys with guns in there and keep your enemy 24" away...

    Here are some ideas I've had for squad riding in Chimeras:

    6 psykers 4 stormbolter henchmen = 8 stormbolter shots at BS3, 1 large blast - 88 points

    5 stormbolter henchmen = 10 stormbolter shots at BS3 - 35 points

    Those are the henchmen setups I've used, what are yours?

    Then there's the ride swapping squads... we'll start with my favorite.

    5 Paladins, 2 psycannons, 6 stormbolter shots, 8 psycannon shots - 315 points

    10 purifiers, 4 psycannons, halbers and hammers - 8-16 psycannon shots, 2 stormbolter shots - 300

    And the real purpose of this post...

    The simple 10 man strike squad, buys 2 psycannons, psybolts and 2 hammers for 260 points.

    That simple squad combat squads up, and each half gets into a chimera, they buy a razorback for themselves, which sees use by 3 naked henchmen.

    I buy either a gun servitor squad to sit with an inquisitor, or a death cult squad to assault form a stormraven, one of these squads buys either the second chimera or another razorback to give to a second 3 man naked henchmen squad.

    That means we have 2 5 man power armor squads, each with a hammer and psycannon (hammer could be dropped to save points if you're confident they'll never see combat) and each with the S5 stormbolters!

    5 grey knights, 1 psycannon = 8 BS4 S5 Stormbolter shots, 2-4 Psycannon Shots - 120-130 if you want a hammer.

    Significanly more expensive than the 35 point stormbolter henchmen unit, but also significantly more resiliant due to power armor, and better shots with S5 and BS4. is the 85-95 point difference worth it?

    Here is a piece of an army I intend to use soon:

    Cotaez - 100
    Grenade caddy psyker Xenos inquistor in power armor - 78

    8 DCA bodies (some DCa some flagelant some crusaders), Razorback - 170

    3 naked henchmen, Chimera - 67
    3 naked henchmen, Chimera - 67

    10 Grey Knights, Psybolts, 2 Hammers, 2 Psycannons, Razorback - 310

    Stormraven - 205

    Total 997

    I end up with 2 optimized chimeras and 2 objective sitting razorbacks, and the stormraven full of death.

    Or, I could go cheaper and...

    Cotaez - 100
    Grenade caddy psyker Xenos inquistor in power armor - 78

    8 DCA bodies (some DCa some flagelant some crusaders), Razorback - 170

    5 Stormbolter henchmen, Chimera - 90
    5 Stormbolter henchmen, Chimera - 90
    3 naked henchmen, razorback - 62

    Venerable dread - xxx

    Stormraven 205

    Total 970...

    I buy a ven dread, but with the points saved by using the 5 man henchmen squads instead of the 10 man GK squad (202) the sky is really the limit to buy more stuff...

    Anyway, that's just some stuff I've been thinking about...

    Would you ever put the combat squadded Grey Knights in a chimera? or perhaps more appealing combat squadded purifiers... but with the additional psycannons, the benefit of the shared psybolt cost across the combat squad is lessened.

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    Yeah definately something worth looking into, Purifiers/Paladins/Purgators are all really effective inside chimera... As for purgators and purifiers taking cheap units with Incinerators is also a nasty way to go.


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